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  • Hi Cliff. I'm trying to get some more talk in that death penalty thread, as you raised an excellent point. Will you be down in SF this weekend???
    Hey Cliff - So sorry for your departments loss - The pain is still fresh here, and SDSO is in our prayers. Tom Edgerton is heading out for the funeral this weekend. On a happier note, I am trying to find a Basic Course Waiver 3 week class in CA this summer so I can get certified and start applying to departments in the SD area. Hopefully by summer of 2011...
    Just so you know I am not personally attacking officers in general. As with anything, one bad apple gives the lot a bad name, and I'm sure you hate seeing the profession look bad because of one persons poor choices.
    I am in the stare of a 7s biuld and wanted to knoe if i could use bent beams? I dont expect you to give me all your secerts, but a little help would be awsome. Thanks and good luck
    Hey dsr, check the engine forum and see if my ?'s make any sense to you.

    you seem like you know your v6 fords , i make a lot of cams for these that are kicking but in a stock mild build or stroked etc... its a .273" / 208 dur, at the lobe. i have sets ready if you want to get some ...dan crower
    That would be great if you could help me out with charging my shocks. I will be around this weakend or when ever after work.
    I've never had the opportunity to do anything good in my life, because it was always all about me.... But if you ever have the opportunity to give an Angel ride or anything like that.. ...I'll be there johnny on the spot with my race truck, or my DVD truck, 3 race suits, 3 race helmets, and a great country band and anything else I can offer....stone sober...
    Yeah that was me, i was stopping by to say hello....maybe i'll see you at the next night race.....
    Hey Cliff i stopped by your pits to say hello and introduce myself and you had just hopped into the truck and i met your brother and hung out for a bit.....maybe next time i'll get to meet you
    Hey Cliff,
    My detective partner and I are coming down for a week of training in Del Mar this week. We'll be arriving Monday afternoon and leaving on Saturday. We were thinking of going to the Padres game Friday night. Any hookups for Padres tickets? You're welcome to join us, as well. Let me know.
    my friend you have gotten my pm so you know how i feel, enuff said at the dash lets drink some beer and to the best racer let him win. you guys are great and may god be with you and your families and may he bless you to prosper beyond your wildest dreams, your friend and fellow racer, drsnutz aka danny, peace out my friends
    I have been out of town for a few weeks and off of RaceDezert. Only to hear about "Drive off road racing" If you hear of more or updated info can you let me know. I hate to jump ship from MDR but we should give each promoter a chance then choose the one that fits.
    WE are going up and racing with MORE Sept. 13th and the Powder puff on Oct. 11th. Dont think we will make the October MDR race.
    Good luck.

    Tell Kathi Hi for me. I should stop by Dixieline.

    Aaron Lopez
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