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    Chase Truck set up question

    Getting ready the first SCORE race of the season and would like to ask every one about storage totes for the chase truck. I am thinking all plastic totes are going to have a short life span in the back of a chase truck. Has anyone found a brand or model that has stood up fairly well? Definitely...
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    2020 BAJA 500

    Really hope that information is incorrect. Was planning on fall racing in Baja.
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    Navigation Device & Dash Layout

    How much dash room do you have? What class? That might give members here a little more info, to better help you decide.
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    TKO Motorsports Rage at the River Video

    Nice video, cool tunes
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    B1k map please

    I believe you might be able to access Rancho el coyote from kilometer 140 off highway 1. Its tough to tell from the preliminary map but it might get you close to race mile 275.
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    B1k map please

    Have any of you guys taken the dirt road from Lazaro Cardenas ( Valley T ) that connects with highway 1in the last 6 months or so ? Starting to put together chase logistics. If that's a decent way through it would save a trip through town and around.
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    2019 SCORE schedule and new Baja 400 race

    Second year and buggy entries are super low. 3 in class 1 2 in class 10 1 in class 12 and no 1600's entered. Cost a lot to run these races. Not sure if this race is really necessary.
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    ****Pretty Welds....****

    Check out this beauty. 6011 special. Here's the back story. I was pre-running for the San Felipe race a couple of months ago when I plowed into a buried rock about 5 miles in from the start of the goat trail. The blow snapped the tie rod on the passenger side. Pulled the caliper then used...
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    Prerunner/ spares package

    We will be running with another RZR. Thanks everyone for the reply. This is exactly the kind of input I was hoping for.
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    Prerunner/ spares package

    I am interested in what spares you guys might carry on your RZR prerunners when your down in Mexico. I feel like I am taking some of the basics, but I am looking for any items that I might be missing. There's no substitute for experience. Here's what I am carrying on a 2015, 4 seat non turbo...