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    Any Sunday Prolite restart video out there.

    here is a video I shot with a digital camera from the grandstands
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    Agave Motorsports pictures of Jesse Jones site of crash

    100 ft cliff might be a little exaggerated... glad to see everyone OK
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    What fenders are these???

    those fenders are the 6" over 4wd flat top, but they have been cut out to a round opening. the opening is normally more square, the same as ivan or 4" over 4wd flat top. the only difference on 2wd and 4wd is the side marker light slants different. the ivan front fender uses 2wd marker and the...
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    Toyota Lower A-Arm Bushing

    I am not so sure I would be of help to you on the measurements. the stock bushing consists of a thin steel sleeve with rubber bonded to the inner sleeve. the dims I have require the removal of the stock part and press a new sleeve into place. the steel sleeve is 1.580x2.5. the delrin...
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    Toyoyta steering box splines

    11/16x36 I have ordered them direct from borgenson universal joints (east coast) as well as flamming river (phoenix, AZ). probably around $75-80 each.
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    Toyota problem

    this tech article is helpful with interpreting the 22re computer codes. Diagnositc Trouble Codes and Possible Causes
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    efi or carb

    in real world conditions (outside of the dyno room) the EFI motor can adjust to changing atmospheric conditions. Once the engine is installed in an off-road vehicle my understanding is the EFI motor retains the same power as the carbed motor did on the dyno. the carbed engine might be subject...
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    efi or carb

    I was once told by a guy that runs a motor dyno that there is no difference in power output from a properly tuned carburator vs. EFI. the difference is once the motor is run in real world condition the EFI motor power remains the same. the EFI motors are generally more efficient and gain...
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    Toyota problem

    we need an engine code to help you narrow down the problem. the next step is to wiggle all the wiring to check for loose connection, plug, ground wire, or sensor. the EFI temp sender is th one on the right of the two temp senders, usually green plug (maybe it is dirty and you can't...
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    Toyota problem

    the wires you are referring to don't pertain to anything. I had the temp sender switch (green one on front of intake manifold) go out on a truck with similar symptons. is the check engine light on? if so, you need to pull a code from computer. you just jump the wire on diagnostic plug...
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    Toyota Three-Link

    I had the driveline made by JE Reel. they are the ones to talk to about the HD carrier bearing. I believe it was $70. the stock part must be interchangeable with the urethane one, so you could always upgrade if it gives you a problem. I have a picture if you want to check it out. it...
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    Toyota Three-Link

    I worked with Jim at JE Reel Driveline to build a custom drive line to work with a linked toyota. they have built drivelines for Robby Gordon's truck with 3/4" of plunge and the Baldwin's truck with 6" of plunge. he mentioned that some set-ups he has seen shouldn't even work when you put it in...
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    Official updates only Baja 1000 thread

    Congrats to #1548 Jason LaFortune and company finished 28hrs 22min (35.8mph avg.). " the Jeepspeed that was built in 12 days"
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    Official updates only Baja 1000 thread

    LaFortune and company vehicle #1548 through MM656 @ 7am according to most recent bfg pit stats.
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    Need a vendor for 2.75 x.250 wall steel tube -S.CA

    try Schorr metals in Placentia 714-630-1962 they have a remnant pile of 2.75"x.5"wall in 4 foot lengths at about $16 each piece or $.60/Lb.