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  • Hey Derek,been a big fan of your work for a long time. I have recently decided to finally join RDC after sitting on the sidelines and just listening for the last 10 years. My biggest interest is your " Something New 2" class 10 design. I want to race class 10 and this is the only design that has what I want in a chassis. I would like to discuss your plans with it and see if we can work something out.
    yeh..merry xmas back! have a safe festive season, what r ya tinkerin with lately? ....summer here , tig'n sucks ! too hot !
    THIRD!!! And it's 4 am. Happy Birthday Derek.

    People are lining up this early to wish you a happy b-day.

    And Merry Christmas too. :D:D
    Hey the message you sent to Sidekicker (Andrew) was very nice. He didn't quite understand it at first so I explained to him what you were talking about!~ ;)
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