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    Duramax LB7 loosing prime

    Sounds like a defective filter housing. I have seen trucks come through my shop that have had this issue. Pm me if you need anything. Or call my shop RIVCO Motorsports 951-817-7685. All I work on is duramaxs.. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Electrical gremlins

    A GM MDi Needs to be hooked up to your truck and scan for Body Control Module codes. I am in Corona and have the MDi and can help you out. The EDGE CTS2 will NOT read body codes.
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    As of now it has stock wheels on it. On star system doesn't function so we can't track Please keep an eye out! Thank you!
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    2016 Ford Super Duty burns to the ground while testing in Death Valley...

    The 2015s were recalled for major electronics failure for all super dutys..diesel or not...wonder if this has something to do with it.. The PPE dry sump was I think intentioned for 1000hp+ trucks that mainly drag race or sled pull. I was told it wouldn't be beneficial for stock trucks...even...
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    nothing to see here move along........

    nothing to see here move along........