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    Rick McConnell (626) 437-9125. Great guy with lots of driving experience. He tows for us on the trick truck team in BITD. He's interested. Thank you.
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    Steve Olliges at the Mint 400 ((VIDEO))

    Another great video Tuba! Always putting yourself out there to get the best shots and creating the absolute best videos! Great job by Steve Olliges, Jason Bateman, and the Fox, BFG, Ford Raptor, and Team Ford team! Certainly didn't end the way we would have liked but the team hung in there while...
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    Let's see your Mini-Stock truck!

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I may need to start truck shopping. Thank you.
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    Let's see your Mini-Stock truck!

    is the mini stock class still popular? How many entries are the races averaging? Looks like a fun class. I saw old messages about it being a claimer class but didn't see that in the rule book, is that still the case or did that go away? Thanks for the info.
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    Please not trying to start a class rules war...

    I just re-read the SNORE class 2000 rules and I did not see anything about notching the frame. I have seen trucks with and without recently. As someone said already, the rules tend to change somewhat frequently. Jim Messina would be the man to speak to since he is the class rep and on the...
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    2016 SNORE Battle at Primm updates

    Do you have the 2000 results?
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    Congratulations Steve Olliges on winning the 2015 CAMBURG Best in the Desert award

    Congrats to Steve and the entire Team Ford team! Great job.
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    Steve Olliges Raw footage from BWDC

    Congrats to Steve and the Team Ford team! Great job by Steve, Jason, and Mark. Also another great video by Tuba.
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    SNORE Caliente A Little Love for Class 2000

    Unfortunately I didn't have any footage this race. I'm happy to contribute the for the future races though. This is a great class with some good racing.
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    SNORE Caliente A Little Love for Class 2000

    Cool video. Great job out there. Was fun going back and forth. Dustin #2039
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    Steve Olliges Mint 400 2015 ((VIDEO))

    Nice video! Great job by the Team Ford team! Looking forward to the BITD Silver State 300.
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    Steve Olliges Parker 425 2015 ((VIDEO))

    Sorry for the typo...Great video by Tuba and crew. My apologies!!
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    Steve Olliges Parker 425 2015 ((VIDEO))

    Another great video by MWilsonPhoto! Great job Steve and Jason! keep up the good work!
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    Olliges & Lugo #27 #72 SNORE B@P Video - MWP

    Another awesome video by MWilsonPhoto! Great weekend for Steve and the entire Team Ford team!
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    Wow! Great addition to the Ford lineup! Can't wait to get mine from Team Ford! I bet that Eco-boost will be awesome... Not to mention the two new super cars! The old school so called super cars were just given a run for their money.