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    On Topic Truck and motorcycle stolen at contingency, please be on the look out!

    Leave nothing in your car that you can't do without. Whenever I park in Baja I pull the underhood relays. It would take a bunch of time to steal my truck.
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    4WD desert racing etiquette...

    I've raced a bunch of 4wd cars in the states and in Baja. I've righted upside-down trophy trucks, pulled buggies out of silt and even a vintage f-100 standing on end. I welded a hook on the back of one race car upside-down so someone could hook and hold until it was snug, then when recovered...
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    Corbeau Baja XP or PRP Comp seat

    I raced limited cars with the PRP Comp Pro. I raced unlimited cars with a Mastercraft seat. Hands down the PRP was way more comfortable.
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    2016 BITD Vegas to Reno

    RM 535
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    2016 BITD Vegas to Reno

    his tummy hurts
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    Baja 500 Race Day Coverage

    Weatherman said 77 had a flat.
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    Baja 500 Race Day Coverage

    1x leading, through san vicente
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    Baja 500 Race Day Coverage

    Bike has been found and about to restart race.
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    Official BITD Bluewater Challenge 2014

    tracker shows parked at RM17.5
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    Official BITD Bluewater Challenge 2014

    life isn't fair! top 3 tt's within 3 seconds of eachother after 1 lap is cool!
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    Official BITD Bluewater Challenge 2014

    All the way Ray!
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    2014 SCORE Baja 500 - Official Update Thread

    Just had Menzies at 119 mph!
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    Here's my story - what's yours?

    My story isn't unlike most here. I grew up in Yucca Valley so off roading was a way of life. I often rode my RM 80 to elementary school, stashed it at a friends house and walked the rest of the way. I would get home from school and ride until it was dark, sometimes later. I did the Morongo...
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    Cry baby excuses.

    I'm not a fan of you because of excuses, driving style, lifestyle, sponsors or anything else. I'm a fan of you because you washed cars at the fastaid fund raiser for the CA200. I'm a fan for what you did with your 'protest' winnings from the 1000. Spending time and money for an orphanage in...
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    Baja 500 Hwy3: Props to Mexican Army, not so Mexican Federal Highway Police

    That guy went full arse clown. He just about ended his day/life/useless use of oxygen passing me just up the road from there. He'll prove Darwin's theory all by himself if he continues.