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  • Depends on the class - I think it ranged from 3-5 or 6 laps depending on class.... laps were 15ish miles I believe.... an awesome 15ish miles too!
    it depends on the race but like to run sportsman say is a 1000.00 plus the entry fee and fuel my car runs pump gas so if your interested let me know
    Sorry brotha, I forgot to respond back! I'll keep you posted. My Dad sold his bussiness so we're kind of in between selling/buying another company. He mentioned to me last night we are racing soon. I'll let you know fo sure!
    Not sure if you have voted for the October RDC sighting of the month but we could really use your vote for "The Thumbs Up" Please!!!
    Not as long as it looked; We pulled the hood to keep the motor cool. Unfortunately, the axle broke at RM290 which killed us, then the spare broke the next morning. Thanks for the great shots though!
    Hi Steve, My shop is in San Diego. Let me know if you want a tour. It will be complete in a couple months.
    We are not doing the V2R this year, to much work to do on the new shop. Glad to hear a fellow off-roader was taken care of in Reno. Good luck!
    Along with the Desert Son who rides with Carl Fitts you can get ahold of JohnnyWeb (screen name) Johnny Webster on here. I used to ride and chase with him and he has some wins in that class as well.
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