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    TORC mandates V8 Pro-Lights / Crandon last race for the 4 cyl

    I didn't say they didn't learn a lot in PL...my point is that driving a P2 is not like driving a PL. I don't know how much the "skills" transfer. P2 transfer all kinds of weight, major CG changes, and you drive them with the throttle a lot more than a pro-light from what I can see. Super...
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    TORC mandates V8 Pro-Lights / Crandon last race for the 4 cyl

    A few random thoughts from a guy who's never raced PL (so take it for what it's worth which isn't much..) I have never seen PL as a training ground for Pro2.... Cost wise yes, and perhaps competition wise, but driving skills wise no...they are two totally different animals IMHO. I've never...
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    Kyle Busch to Make Off Road Debut in Traxxas TORC Series Event at Chicagoland

    There is more than one example of guys moving from dirt to asphalt, but not as much they other way around that I am aware of...I think that is a more difficult transition. However, I do think that if a driver of Kyle Busch's skill and aggressiveness can get comfortable in the truck he could be...
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    TORC Oshkosh was AWESOME

    Best racing I've seen for a few years... Best Race Saturday: Super Stock Truck (Rupe pulled that out of a hat!), followed closely by Pro 2 Best Race Sunday: Toss up between Pro 2 & Pro 4...both were awesome. Pro 2 had more racing (Johnson vs. Rob Mac & McGrath vs. Hord) and the entire back...
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    Dan Baudoux built Pro-2

    If you need a powerplant for that thing I've got a fresh bullet just sitting on the shelf that I'd like to liquidate. It would help you hit that 5week timeline no problem... (it also pulled a holeshot for me in Crandon in 2008 in Pro2wd;)) I also have some brand new P2 wheels and third...
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    Questions on Power Steering Pumps.

    You don't need to spin the pump very fast to have full steering authority with the Howe pump...you are bypassing the majority of the fluid after about 2500 RPM at the PUMP! Even idling around the pits a 2000RPM you can steer with ease using your pinky... Howe must be changing their...
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    Torc vs. Loors drivers

    The LOORS guys have an advantage of having raced on this track earlier this year though, correct? They also have "Crandon" Carl in their stable...he's probably been waiting all year to get a chance to race against the TORC boys again. I know he had the Leduc's visit a few times, but when...
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    The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Announces 2010 Schedule

    Looks like a great schedule to me...the short-course racers & fans in the southwestern US really have life by the tail right now... Let's hope that a 2010 TORC schedule is coming soon!
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    No pro-2 in borg-warner??

    That is too many trucks for the P4's to navigate through...visibility gets too low, and with how fast the P2's are, they can't "take their time" to navigate through the pack carefully...a realistic number is like 25 total trucks....with no less than 50% of them P4's, or a max of about 10...
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    Keith Steele

    Way to go Keith and Crew! I believe that is 4 class championships in the past 6 seasons, spanning back to his first stock truck championship in 2004...it's been awesome to race against, and more recently, to watch this man drive the wheels off that truck.
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    Mini crandon replica

    I'm impressed...nice work and attention to detail!
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    Two Minutes with Luke Johnson - Video

    Excellent video Mike... Just to clarify, The Johnson's own the race truck, we were just helping them get started by hauling/crewing for them these first few weekends. Long term they will be hauling to the track themselves and providing their own crew. It has been great getting to know...
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    Torc Pro-series rules update

    I know....I know... :o
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    Torc Pro-series rules update

    This might sound a little far fetched, but I wonder if the mudflaps are going to slow the trucks down a little at these tracks where they've never been used before...kind of like reverse thrusters on a jet airplane? Same general theory. At these loose, loamy tracks like Crandon, a lot of...
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    Crandon Movie - First look

    I've thought about some pretty serious stuff while sitting on the starting line at Crandon...stuff that racers don't usually like thinking about... I don't care who you are, if you say that Crandon turn 1 doesn't scare you a little bit, you're either too macho to admit it, or too naive to...