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  • Carlos.

    I really appreciate the offer. Alpha has donated the bathrooms free of charge. They have done so at all the DRIVE racers and also this SNORE race. I don't know if the Scaronis will be out there but they have supported even thought hey stepped away from off roading. I really appreciate your positive comments about Plaster City racing and are hoping you do well on Saturday.
    I know this is the last thing you want to hear right now, but I want to save you a bunch of money on the Portable John's rental for the upcoming PC race. I will let you have all the units you need, delivered and Picked up, and serviced as many times as you wish during the weekend. I really want your business. I know that Sharp, or Alpha Logistics mightget the contract. let me know what they are going to charge and I will beat it, plus I'm racing!!! I don't think Sharp or Alpha Site Logistics will be out there supporting your organization. With that said, please give me a shot, I am willing to take my service vehicles with me in case you need emergency service, and it will also cut down on the time it takes to get there. What do you say?

    Carlos Fonseca
    3G Racing
    Owner Lori's Sanitation Services
    No it's not for semis. It's for sponsors and County VIP officials. There is a lot of flat ground on both sides of te pit.

    Is the 400 feet for semi's I have two coming down that race with us


    Steve Milligan
    Yes. The race is still planned for 10- 23. The Pro Entry fee total is $525. There is a $20 membership fee for all drivers and co-drivers. Thats it. Hope to see you out there.

    Hey Doug,

    Still have a race planned for 10/23? How long? Still $500 entry? Any additional costs/fees we should be aware of racing with DRIVE?

    My team WAS going to race the 10/16 BITD Parker race, but at $8.80 per mile (entry, tracker and pit fee) for Sportsman, and only 54 miles a day, I have to say "No Thanks, Casey."

    So we are thinking about coming to PC.
    Hey Doug I have a group of people off of Facebook willing to fight for our deserts, is there a link I can forward to them? So that they can email the people who are trying to close us down. Or some kind of activist group they can join?
    Thats what we were thinking either buttercup or gordons if we get the time off anyways...
    Ruckus, Do worry about it. It's over and we have all moved on. Looking forward to seeing you guys out in PC and at Bap soon. 2009 was a pleasue. Are you going to run 1697 or 1600?
    Doug I apolgize for what i said on the other thread. i went too far with my original statement and then got ganged up on. i was in the wrong and apoligize for what i said. your speech after the race was amazing thank you for everything you do. Your dedication is the reason i love drive and want to see it continue into the future. Congrats on the first season and thank you for all the fun.
    -Bryant Shontz (nav BBM #1697)
    Doug thanks again for letting us come out there. James was saying something about getting you out to the track to check it out sometime soon? When would be the best time for you? I am good for whenever just hit me up and I will get you on and we can go check it out. Oh and do you know anyone with some telephone poles or railroad ties they need to get rid of? I have an idea for a jeep / rhino / enduro course I want to get going out here!
    Doug, we're doing a head count for our after the PP BBQ, do you and the Mrs. want to come up?
    Hey I hope u dont mind, I sent an invitation to all the racers from across the border.....come up and race the Grand Prix...
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