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  • Send me a case of the Liquid Ice stuff you are talking about I would love to try it....1601 E. Ventura Blvd Oxnard Ca. 93036

    Nice new avatar! Something new in the works?.... LOL! How is everything else going?
    Hey i think your pricing was a little off because by the time you actually buy race cars from those companys not just cars that run but real race cars your in the 230,000 range also i think your car you have is over 250,000-300,000 and we still offer more detail and little things like engine plates and other componets that theres dont have. the price you gave was the price they get you into the oor with. But hey you have a bitchin car.!!!!!!
    Ed, I'm heading down to the Code Mexicali 300 this weekend and to the MDR Superstition 250 on the 18th. If you need me to deliver any Liquid Ice let me know. The team loved that stuff. Thanks again for the last batch!
    Ed, so how did the race end up for your partner and the Bileks? Did you get a chance to get into the car?
    Sweet, well I might be in the market for some Nitto tires once I get my truck going.
    Once you can release the details I might be able to land you an oil sponsor...
    Nitto Tires, Whats the story on that Ed? Just wondering..
    And also, where can I find Liquid Ice down here in SD? (If not avail. I got some ideas)

    Hey Ed, I just emailed you explaining everything, I look forward to hearing back from you!
    My goal is to shoot you an email by the end of this weekend explaining everything. Have a great weekend!
    Hey Ed, I know everyone else has asked you for a sample of Liquid Ice, but I was hoping I could get a small sample as well. I am the president of my fraternity at Chapman University and would potentially like to get some into the hands of my brothers or other organizations on campus.

    Also, as a quick side note, I have another potential marketing idea for Liquid Ice. I would be more than happy to explain if you're interested. Thanks!! -Brandon
    Ed, Your already somebody....You just made the group cooler by being a part of it. Thanks!
    That sucks sorry to hear. I used to be on the Honor Guard prior to working my under cover assignment.. I always hated the funerals..
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