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  • Heard that but a little late in the game at this point, Would have been neat but would stil like to come up and do something one of these days!
    were are u guys brodcasting from this week?

    if not anywere were hosting the dirt division premier party tomorrow night. if you dont have any were to brodcast from maybe you might want to come down and do it from my pizza place.

    call me. thanks

    brandon moss
    The Progress on what Shazaam???

    FYI, I do not check this area very often however, Any Requests,Questions or Concerns should be emailed to me at jim@totallyoffroadradio.com Thank You

    TORR Host
    You guys should do a show on one of the race weekends in Crandon, I think that would be awesome. Or some thing like that.
    show the 12 guys some love! :) im the one that said hi at the trevi center after the show
    Hi there Jim.

    Micah here from FiberwerX
    Give me a call when you get a chance, 619.454.1176
    Pretty bummed to miss the premier last night. I hear the shark club has real sharks.. haha .. Instead I was stuck in a tornado! See ya Wed!
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