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  • I was talking with the class 10 guys during staging and the word was your buddy was talking the smack the day before. So he did have a target on his back.
    Need to get a more aggressive tire to run. Will figure it all out this spring. Car came out of race very good. Motor never once made a hiccup over the 420 miles.
    Changed the tire and had to slow down the next 150 miles. Didn't want to perform the same balancing act again. I had too much power that caused way too much wheel spin on the Mickey Thompson Baja Pro tires I ran.
    Yeah he did. I had a 2 hour tire change at end of lap 2. Jack failed. Finally drove the car up on a 50 degree slope and blanced the car to unweight the right side and physically dead lifted the side to balance before it tipped over.
    I was just reading a post and noticed you were entered in Laughlin...... and yes, by all means you have a rain check! Good luck this weekend!!!
    Hey Reid, Paul and I are going to be in Grand Junction Fri-Sat working on our truck. If you are going through Grand Junction you should give me a call and stop bye. Our shop is off River Rd. right across the street from the city/county yard.

    Fire Guys Racing
    970 274 0469
    I will definately say "HI". I met a bunch of Fines Doubled racers a couple of years ago in Cabo at the 1k.
    Hey Reid - are you going to the SCORE awards? Ken and I are going. Maybe we'll see you there. I hope we all have name tags so I can find all my friends from RDC. BTW, cool pics of you and your son on your hunting trip. I missed out hunting with my dad this year. I am so bummed. I look forward to my time with my dad every year.
    Hey Reid... SO how much for that M8- up in mammoth this weekend and looked at those damn snowmobiles again- I gotta get me one-

    oh man wat upp with u thanks u for greet on me thanks u for meet some my team out there hit me on my email and text on message phone
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