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  • Well......... How's it been, have not been out at the track, Just got back from the Parker 250, Will you and the clan be out at the Parker 425 in a few weeks? Saw a Red Rhino and thought it might have been you?? could not find it later on?? Still racing the smaller stuff? If you were out at the Parker 250 last week let me know?? If so www.thenfactorpics.com, Take care, Mike
    what type trans do you have for sale and how much please contact anthony verdone 602-320-7332
    I'm glad you saw that post. i wasn't sure if that was the right place to say all that. i also figured i'd better call Jason cuz for all I knew maybe he was already working on a follow up to NEVERLIFT. i actually talked to Jason this afternoon and he filled me in on what he was doing and mentioned that he talked with you guys not too long ago about NEVERLIFT II. i know he has his hands full but was interested and had no problem with me picking up the ball and rolling with it. i'll call you this week and we can figure out how to do this. as far as i'm concerned it has to happen.

    chip booth
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