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    Video of Steve Olliges' new Geiser TT at the Silver State race

    That 27 truck is looking good Steve. Can't wait to see it at the Vegas to Reno race.
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    Baja Rudy's perfect class 8 season

    I wanted to thank Rpm motorsports, Mark, Rudy, Zambo, Frank, and Mango for letting me be part of the race. Mark and Rudy are very talented drivers. It was an awesome experience. Thanks again Admin Villalobos
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    Calliente 250 updates

    Thank you very much guys for helpings us out at your pit really appreciate it. Also I wanted to really thank Steve Olligies for letting me ride with him he is an awesome driver I had a great time, and also wanted to thank Mark Newhan for building such a great truck,and his wife Tonya for always...
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    ****Pretty Welds....****

    Here is some welding I did last night on some piping.
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    Former bad apple racing class 1 finishes 2nd overall todo santos race today

    Thats is awesome. That is my friends boss down in San Jose del Cabo. Congrats
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    Ford Prerunners

    Love those old ford.
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    2011 GMC Prerunner for Devlin Rod & Customs

    Truck looks good. Super clean.
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    Fishing in Cabo?

    Here is some pictures of some of the fish whe caught there in san jose del cabo. whe even went lobster diving ;)
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    Fishing in Cabo?

    Go to San Jose del cabo and get a panga. I dont know what the name of the place is called but it is right next to Puerto los cabos marina. There is some killer fishing there.
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    Engine Machine Shop in San Diego

    Does any one have any recomendations on any good machine shops around san diego I need to get a block bored out and also some head work done.
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    classic Ford

    looking good.
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    ****Pretty Welds....****

    Here is a parts basket I made today
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    18 year old homeless kid

    That is really nice of you Jeffrpm, This show that there is still really nice people out there that care for people even if they are not part of there family. I just got done reading the thread and this really got to me, Makes me stop and think about my parent and how lucky some of us are to...
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    Monster Truck Backflip

    Thats awesome. That truck is bad a**
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    Black Socks

    Try snap on socks I got a pair and they are really comfortable if you have access to a snap on truck or try their website.