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  • If you want to try them, I'll loan you a set of the 33"/10.50 General X3s on 15.4.5 Methods. I've run BFG, Yokos, Tensors and find these to the - honesty - the best. Adam Johnston tried them on his 5 car, watched us have zero tires issues at V2R. he just switched
    Hey Buddy. If your a BFG guy I have 4 BFG 33.9.50x15 all terrains. 2 I believe are brand new and 2 used a little. If you look here on RDC under "Featured Vehicle" Luke McMillins blue 2/1600 has them on it. I actually got them from them. $150 each or $500 for all. 562 225 6954
    All of them have had the sharp corners just barely shaved off.
    Shoot me a text if your interested if not no problem!
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