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  • I'm part of the Team Coyote Racing effort, have reached "driver emeritus" status: my eyes are too bad to go too fast anymore racing, so I test and evaluate now, letting younger guys race and wrench.

    Earned a few first place finishes over the years in cars, best was a second on bikes, IIRC.

    Levi will be hard to pass, first off in Class 1...ought to be fun to watch.
    Do you have a relative that was a NY motor officer? I bought a Thing (type 181) from a Hemphill on the west side of PHX in 1987.

    I'd seen that same Thing at Glenn Evan's DirTrix, a year or two earlier. It was an Alcapulco model, but had a homemade camo paint job...

    Yeah, run Class 1!!!

    Have a good race!
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