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    Official Rage at the River Thread

    any of 1454 on day 1... in heat 6 i only did half a lap as 7234

    KING SHOCKS Battle @Primm

    I wish BAP would do its heats like RATR so I could race against the 1450s again it was nice to start 47th out of 60 and finish 20th on day 1 first v6 and motor wasnt tuned still working bugs out, an oil pump issue cost us. We lost all oil in motor during that race and in second heat lost...

    46th SNORE 250

    Yea I notice the same 5hing with time and enough to do last lap. I had a stop watch going from start but I thought it was a 5 hr limit and I knew they were like 5 min ahead on the closing but knew wouldn't help us but if I remember it was 5.5 hrs I might of hot timing before end of race. I got...

    V2R @@PICTURES@@ From RM 34

    any of 7213

    46th SNORE 250

    Excited for this race

    2016 RACE DATES????

    were did you hear about SNORE doing a night race in barstow.

    $15,000 in bonus at Laughlin

    nothing for 7 to and RATR is usually our biggest entry count prob have at least 6

    2014 Class 7200 Cup

    why did this not continue in 2015

    Will factory programs ever return to desert off-road racing?

    I bet its skillton... as for sponsorship.... Red Bull once told me they dont sponsor individual teams. They purchase teams/vehicles and own everything and pay the drivers. Not sure how true that is for Menzies and Vildosla but this was like 2012/13 when I was told this by their marketing...

    V2R Racers need last minute race fuel have a drum.

    I have an unopened drum of torco 110 from Mint 400,been kept in garage. I am just over an hour from vegas. Looking at 400 obo, I am also getting ready to put up my race truck, trailer, chassis, and all my spare stuff up for sale so if you are in need of any parts last minute give it a shot...


    yea i finished 4 laps 7234 before timing out it says 3 on there, dunno if it reay matters at all

    Pictures from SNORE/MORE Motion 300

    great video like the low ange its like camera is on back of a lizard lol... any footage of blue 7234 u want to sell/donate?

    SNORE Ridgecrest 300 C0-Driver Seat Avail class 7200

    Couple laps open for this weekend

    SNORE Ridgecrest 300 C0-Driver Seat Avail class 7200

    It is a 5 lap race 55 mile laps. I have done this numerous times and have met great friends and now members of team KMR. Unfortunately with Battle At Primm race and then MINT 400 just couple weeks after most of my crew are not able to get more time off. I have a full prepped truck since MINT...