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  • Great post on RDC thanks. I'm the same but older and have raced this year and dreaming for 28 years. Lucern 250 when Robby Gordon was 16 years old and in that potato truck class 8.
    Built several baja's and now on show and tell, CRUMCO. with almost 100k in hits, Oh and do it with your kids, nothing better. Ken
    Were you out in Barstow with a group of broncos at toys for tots? Pretty sure I spotted ya.
    An A-arm blazer. If people don't want to see coil-overs on a Blazer, I can only imagine the reaction to a a-arm one.
    Thats pretty cool, thats how mine is gonna be built also very low budget with the most amount of work possible done by me, all of the stuff that could hurt someone else like suspension I will leave to a pro.
    The rear has a Spirit 2 link with Deaver F53's, King 3x12 3 tubes, Sterling 10.25 with big bearing 9" outers and Wilwood discs. It cycles 17" and really gets the job done given the shock location. The front is in the works. I've got 3x14 King race series pigs and Deaver coils, 2x4 bumps. I've extended my beams 1 1/4" per side, plated, trussed and uniballed, w/ Camburg radius arms and Southwest Performance pitman and swinger. This is a very low $$ build that should net some chase worthy results.
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