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    BITD Silverstate 150 | Sept. 22-24

    I cannot believe how well your "moto" kit worked for us at the BITD. SIlver State 150. We will never ride/race without them again. Easy install, great sound and long range makes this a no brainer. Thanks for your great race support and keeping the communication flowing while we race. #366 -...
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    Boring desk job? Need something to listen to while stuck in LA traffic? Need something entertaining to listen to while working in the shop? Check out the weekly Wheel Travel podcast at http://wheeltravel.podomatic.com Not as good as Jim Beavers show but it is all off road. Check it out.
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    The new BITD Laughlin race. Yea or Nay?

    YAY. As a parent of a 16 year old racer, I will pay the $1500 all day long to have the professional race course assistance and medical response units that BITD offers. We will be at RATR as well in the 1600 car because we love Laughlin and want to support SNORE but might not have the same piece...
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    Man! I love my Raptor!!!!!

    I love my Raptor too. I just got the new bed cage from Addictive Desert Designs. Has a ton of storage and has a jack location. I have the one that offers the shock mounts but their bed cage only has a ton of options.
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    Raptor Nationals / Addictive Desert Designs Open House

    Growing rapidly! We had several sign ups today! Thank you, let's keep it rolling!!!
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    Raptor Nationals / Addictive Desert Designs Open House

    Five 2 Productions is proud to announce the 2013 Raptor Nationals brought to you by Addictive Desert Designs, Sanderson Ford, VORE (Vegas Off Road Experience), KC HiLites, Airaid, Foutz Motorsports, Rigid Industries and many more. 267 miles (50 miles of pavement) of off road bliss for the Ford...
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    Contingency Director Legal Suit

    Dear Dave, Based off of the information I recently read at www.race-dezert.com, in the forum section, I understand that you still do not have any resolution in this situation. If you are eligible for CANIDAE contingency awards, we want to get you paid, it is as simple as that. CANIDAE is a...
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    B&A Motorsports 7200 / class 6

    Close friend and fabrication mastermind Gene Towler (GET Performance Fabrication) stopped by today to see Addam and Brian, check out the progress and bless the build. Gene was impressed and gave us a few great ideas for the project and is looking forward to getting this thing on the ground. Gene...
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    B&A Motorsports 7200 / class 6

    Sorry for the delay in getting an update out but we have been a little crazy lately. Here are some new shots:
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    Hey Canidae, Great bunch of guys..

    Re: Hey Canidae,Great bunch of guys.. Mr. Caspino, First off, let me say thank you for participating in the CANIDAE Contingency program. We are sorry you have not received your reward for your efforts from our program but you must understand that we can only pay out with the information...
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    B&A Motorsports 7200 / class 6

    Alright, A-Arm 1 is off the jig table and it is stout. Pretty cool for sure. Addam is starting the rear of the truck now and we await some parts so we can get back on schedule. Come on Power Ball Lottery!
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    B&A Motorsports 7200 / class 6

    Ok, seats are located, and the A-Arms are being welded up by BC. Addam has taken a few days off to build the stand and to play with his new Torchmate. Well worth the wait, this thing is really cool.
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    B&A Motorsports 7200 / class 6

    I would like to take a quick second to shout out to the big CANIDAE team for their great finish at the Mint 400. Way to go Scott and Pat!!! Get well soon S.G.!
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    B&A Motorsports 7200 / class 6

    I spent 4 years of my youth growing up in Parker and have watched you and your family for 30+ years. I have always rooted for Parker people like you and Danny, Manny, Gene Sellers, 3D Racing, so nothing would make me more happy than to have a company like CANIDAE sponsor some fast guys from...
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    B&A Motorsports 7200 / class 6

    I know it seems like an impossible dream but we have self-imposed deadlines.