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  • the good one still needs to sell, i'm registered to race at crandon then it has to go. we'll see about next year.
    not bad, we're pretty fast but competition is really tough this year, at least i sold my 2nd truck last weekend but now i need to give my good one away after crandon. hopefully we'll find a way back on the track next year.
    The Prerunner is sitting in the storage the funds have come to a stop so i was kicking around dumpin the crewcab and finishing the prerunner but it all is just a thought not too sure
    Hey Jeff just curious did you ever sell you crew cab? if so what'd you get for it and did you have many people interested?
    no worries, i wish i could say what i know so everyone understood. you guys think lucas is so great but he is the same problem we had with jim b, too much pride, too much need for control. he is not your only option, the TORC series has great TV and 5 west coast races, we want more but thats all we can do this year. the lucas racers will understand this year what its like to have a split series, it sucks not having the "big show" at the track, i know because wsorr didn't have it the last 2 years either.
    Your Bienvenido, its always nice when you can have someone that you can trust that knows what he is talking about.

    By the way do you know why when ever i right welcom it spells it in spanish?

    Ill be sure to come by, my number is 567-6071 call me or have josh call me whenever you guys are out there and ill come by. Im working for myself again so i can come by whenever.
    Ya i will whenever you come out to phx for the lucas oil series give me a ring i'll come stop by
    Ya we are doing the whole BITD series only in one car though which actually is pretty sweet cuz we did pretty good in Parker 10th in class and 14th overall wasn't bad for the swamp effects and no radios all race or intercom got to be a lil hairy at times but we made it how about you, you planning on anything? and actually the new project might end up becoming the new prerunner for what i'll have in it its gunna be a lot of fun and even though it wont have AC its the next closest thing to it LOL
    My crew cab is sitting in storage right now cuz i cant park on the street cuz my rediculous HOA so i have to keep it there. the work on my ex cab is being done by Chris Keller he used to do all the aluminum for revenge racing the firewall and the dash are about 95% complete he hacked the roof to weld the top half of the cage hopefully i'll have it back on the 20th but i have a new project going in the Show & Tell section that i am concentrating on but as soon as thats done which should be late April early May how's yours coming?
    Going good I have a job and we have some wrok. I'm off to the Kurt Leduc swapmeet today to get rid of all the crap I don;t use. How's things going for you? Do you still have your class I? You shoud race SNORE again "PRIMM"
    something happened inside pump, was battling with the guys that ended up first and second for the first 40 minutes of the race......very dissappointed when the steering failed......next time....
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