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  • I guess I'll be seing you at Laughlin (SCORE LDC). Never seen Peter do the leap before.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Not much...are you guys gunna be there not? I'm at Harrah's,. where ya'll at?
    We are not completely sure right now. We are thinking about the Baja 1000, but we are not 100% positive we are going. The economy and our business being really slow is also holding us back a little bit. But we will be back soon, so either baja 1000 or most likely the beginning of 2010 season.
    Good to meet you at Parker, Eddie. Things have been a little busy recently which is why I am only now sending you this message.
    Thursday night is right for Primm. Use the new Helmet on Friday and race on Saturday!
    Thanks Eddie. Are you guys going to V2R now that V-cup was canceled???

    Hey, does Petey let you ride the karts free???

    If so, can I borrow you ID?
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