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    that Bean kid from San Clemente won again ....

    nice work brother\m/
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    ROADWARRIORS on SPIKE...what did you think?!?

    the show was great awsome it was so realistic put me right back in time great job hope there is more to come
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    Bajalite incar Baja 500 start

    dam proud of the wes and ron !!!!great job
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    ***PORK PITS Baja 500 Pit Report***

    thanks for all your help pork pit bros!!!!! you guys rock!!!!!\m/
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    Pistolvision pedro pistola baja 500 (((video)))

    \m/yeee heeee lost in poker did some road work and loved it!!!!!
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    BajaLite Repeat Baja 500 Champ. Congrats Wes, Ron and all of team Pistol

    pistols got an ansewer in the works for better gear placement!!!
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    Let's here about your stay at the 5 star horsepower ranch lol

    \m/stayed their during the rip to the tip a year ago it was fine no issues but you cant beat mikes el sky rancho it held deep in my heart ya thats right:cool:
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    2011 Baja 500 highlight VIDEO

    nice work!!
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    !!!!!!Baja Racing of Texas, Blackwell 250 April 7-10!!!!!!

    some pics at the ranch\m/
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    !!!!!!Baja Racing of Texas, Blackwell 250 April 7-10!!!!!!

    had a great time fill bad for all those who missed this event it was bad arse great time hope we get to do more hats off to brt and all beals and alltheir crew
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    pistol pete sohren

    now thats funny i dont care who you are that funny!!!!
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    pistol pete sohren

    we would love too!!!!!! thanks for the support maybe will start by winning san felipe
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    pistol pete sohren

    power to the people!!!!!!!!!
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    pistol pete sohren

    Re: Rip - pistol pete sohren you know the weird thing is i cant wait either!!!!! all the love bro in a manly way that is