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    Baja 500 New Summit Notes

    Not only was there some additional grading, saw this new sign posted just before the Summit...
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    Who's Ready For an Old School/Vintage Section?

    I am for this, because... 1) Over time it will be come the source for vintage off road history 2) Will help in doing the research for a particular car, as many of us have old pictures to post with paint and modifications over the life of a car 3) It will be done some where, might as well be...
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    TORC Perris updates

    Re: FOUND IT!!! YouTube Cenni Assault on LeDuc Video... Thats funny, yah, guess so. BTW, nice signature Mary Kay: "Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others , or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.~RFK"
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    TORC Perris updates

    FOUND IT!!! YouTube Cenni Assault on LeDuc Video... Here is the YouTube - cheap shot by Atrium truck 9/26/09 - See Link above. You will see Cenni spin in the turn with a broken arm. He then pulls between 'lanes' and waits for what might be a safe time to cross the track and leave the...
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    TORC Perris updates

    Re: Cenni Takout Move I was in the stands and witnessed the Cenni takeout move. Cenni may have suffered a race altercation with Curt, however thats racing and it was on the track under racing conditions. If Curt, IF, he did push Cenni, then 1) Cenni let himself be in the position to get...
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    Lug Nuts

    TrfyToy, Whats the status? I just came up on this thread and like many, need lug nuts also. I need 60 degree, for a street wheel. What are you making? Thanks in advance.
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    Critique on my suspension

    Hi Tim, Interesting racing you got going on over there. My 2¢ based on the current value of the dollar... Consider bypasses. It seems you might have the spring rate at or near where it needs to be. The bump stops will help when you bottom, however I do not see the need to 'catch'...
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    Baja 500 official results

    Its time SCORE made adjustments to the course and pits to prevent numerous rules infractions....
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    I've Been Called Worse...

    Hello All, I'm FastEddy760 and in the San Diego North County area. Love to ride. Currently the horse is an Adventure 990s KTM. Love that bike. Happy Trails, Eddy