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    How to get into Prerunning?

    i was expecting this thread to go a completely different direction. bravo race-dezert i have no advice that hasn't already been given used is best bronco's rule toyotas are cool if you fit in them don't buy a buggy unless you can afford the time to learn how to keep it alive, or have the money...
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    On Topic You hit a spectator, what happens next?

    That is funny... a little, because i up voted for pretty much the same reason. I think the situation should dictate, but the potential to render aid and/or remorse and compassion should trump the very outside chance you will win the race. I can not say that in the moment I would without a...
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    LICENSING, is it time?

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    We need a UTV sucks thread...ready go!

    You skipped Magnum Offroad and added one that doesn't belong. Aside from that this post is spot on. Everyone acknowledges that the platform in it's stock form is not adequate for competition. But neither were any of the other vehicles modified for competition by the founders of this...
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    updated pictures of swift class 7

    was this the truck that was built independent of the frame? with hydraulic steering?
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    was looking for that yesterday and gave up after about an hour. i ended up lost in some sort of Your Tube vortex and orange peanut, for me?
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    Race classes and new model year equipment?

    I think horsepower will be stagnant for the next couple years after the new cars hits the floor over the next two months. Following that, a well built chassis will compete with anything new and exciting for several years. just my opinion. I think JD is the only one with the influence to put...
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    Craigslist Ad

    billet upper with trunnion joint? that'll never work...
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    Whatever Happened to Alan Pflueger and Mark Post

    i don't think it's an issue of anybody being ok with it. i'm not ok with the tool that speeds down my street either, and he may not be ok with me not pulling a permit to pore my rv pad. until i'm all squared away, i'll work on me. hope to see Alan back at it soon.
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    UTVUnderground Presents: Warfighter Made - MOAB (video) Rally On The Rocks

    THAT WAS RAD JOE!!!!! The rate of depression and even more so, the statistics of suicide, in the ranks of our freedom fighters is staggering to say the least. Thank you for your efforts in giving them opportunity for recreation in this format. Robert and Warfighter Made are giving all they can...
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    Jerry Valentine and his Amex

    On 6/9 Jerry Valentine of Santa Clarita paid for nearly $10,000 of merchandise with a AMEX bearing his name, furnished a drivers licence depicting his image and corresponding address at Desertworks, a Side by Side shop (golf carts). All items were carried out, loaded into a truck, and off he...
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    Who has the most evolved trophy truck?

    i wanted to read the whole thread before putting that truck in the mix fand rick johnson's truck would be the truck to get my vote and the teams pre-runner is a top fiver for me too
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    New math... 3x7=20

    now that's funny
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    The worlds top off-road vehicle fabricators?

    Paul Brenniger(sp)