I first became interested in Baja Racing when I was a kid in the 70s, My family owns Simpson ranch near Mikes and I would go and watch the races there every year since their inception in the early 70s, I have watched Malcolm Smith come down through our ranch in his Funco ISS, I have Watched the Mc Millins in the 1980s in their first Porsche powered buggies, Ivan Stewart in the 1990s and so on. I pitted and chased during the 80s In 1999 I raced the Baja 500 in my 7 s truck and then several more times in 2001 thru 2003. Had to sell the truck in 2003 due to a divorce and started doing ultra endurance mtn bike races here and in Baja as well as many triathlons. In early 2010 I was diagnosed suddenly with MS and it appears my Mtn Bike racing days are over for now but not for ever. In June of 2011 I started building a class 6 Chevy truck.. Hopefully it will be completed by the start of the new year...

Looking forward to racing again....


Mtn Bike Racing( Endurance ) Triathlon
and Baja racing, Working out in the gym. Spending time at our ranch in Baja.

Note: If you have ever wondered about Simpson ranch....it was started in the late 1950s by my Grandfather Guillermo Simpson Solorio. The ranch is approx 1000 hectares and is privately owned.. Not surprising the roads going in and out of the ranch were built by pick and shovel. My uncle and I currently look after the land and ranch.
Chula Vista, Ca ( Rolling Hills/Eastlake)
Frederick Bates
Class I race in
Score Class 6
Favorite Race
Baja 500
Hummer H3
Financial advisor