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  • Sad News from CREASY Racing.

    This morning I am deeply sadden to let everyone know in the racing world
    and the VORRA family that Grandpa Creasy has passed away.
    He will be missed and was loved by everyone.
    Plans for rememberance and storytelling will occur after the holidays on Martin Lurther King weekend in Folsom.
    He was my best friend and friends to everyone in the racing world.
    I will keep you all updated with any plans.
    Forest Creasy


    Just saw this messege. Yes, I did go to the Fallon race. It was a shame that no class 9 cars were there at all. I think its the first race that I remember that at least 1 nine car didnt showed up. Are you going to make it to Hawthorne Next month? I think we are also going to watch that one too. Hope to see you there. Ted
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