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  • You're doing good Fish keep it up. Way to rep our sport professionally. John and Ken can be bullies just keep a clear head
    Hey fish Sent you A PM. I was wondering what ever happened to the Ken Block Poster from the wall post you did a while back? I never recieved it..
    ll the lemons dudes are in Mexico for Jays wedding hence the delay in reply...

    Thanks for the pix and for representing at the Mint! Let me check with Nick on the THill entry. The west coast contingent is in Mexico for Jay's wedding (I'm at home in NYC), so I may not have an answer until next week.
    They are a subcontractor for my company. I don't know if any of there guys post on here. Here's their # 909-794-2151. Steve Raskett is one of the driver and works in their shop.
    Hey dood, your woman is joining the show "The Forgotten". She also did a movie with Christian Slater where she was paralyzed and he looked after her. Might want to check it out. Called "He was a quiet man". Kinda trippy.
    ok thats cool, I'm thinking of leaving my other team cause it's a bit of a drive, I live in Bonita and play in Sorrento Valley

    Where is the league at? I have all my own gear and have played in just about every league from beer leagues to Mens B league, I need to find a new team, my coed team got boring and is a drive from my pad, let me know if you guys are looking for an infielder, I play 2nd, SS and 3rd
    First off, I do not respond well to childish demands. What evidence do you have that I'm lazy? I went to work when I was eight years old and through my own perseverance, determination and luck, was able to retire at a relatively young age and still race off-road. I don't want to delete the messages I have retained because they contain information I wish to keep and it serves as a good filing system for an old not-too-computer literate user. The added bonus is that I would rather conduct conversations in the light, as opposed to in private. That IS my prerogative, I believe. I was merely posting on an informative basis, as I am tired of having to delete auto-mails from rdc, continually telling me my PM box is full as my readers attempt to contact me there. I am glad Pat had enough sense to back off, and kick his issue upstairs. Perhaps you need to do the same if you continue to argue from an uninformed, and obviously biased, position. Thanks for your reply. Have fun!
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