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  • Can you help me been to the wm site dozen times and no sound. Do I need to down load something??
    Count me in. I will be there. I plan on having everything all packed and loaded Monday or Tuesday for my SNORE race. Can't wait!!
    Not sure what you deleted from the Pflueger thread, but take a look at post #60...guy's first post ever is to start a rumor that Pflueger is in trouble with the IRS.

    Gonna have to meet you one of these days. I'm a service writer at NC Jeep/GMC/Kia, take care of your grampa's junk. I'm proud to say I know that man, he's a true American Hero in my book.
    it has been a little while since i have seen it but it was the total chaos black and white with the orange stripe
    hey fish, do you get prep work or something done in riverside by wood RD.?

    i see your truck every once in a while going by king high school
    hey fish, I guess I should insulted by trey calling me a "scumbag" you gonna be fair and ban him too?

    Quote: Sarah Palin just OWNED... September 4th, 2008 23:16 TreyP "Get a life scumbag."
    How can I get on the Trophy Lite Priv.Board I just ordered truck #20 Thanks Lenny
    hey no worries, I figured it would have to be an admin...but they just don't visit the site section as often as they used to, maybe too many damm requests
    My Spam rental companion of the evening title sucks, can you change it or does it have to be an admin? Put Go Chargers or something cool like that if you can, thanks. We keep getting ignored in the site section
    Dude, what the hell is wrong with people on these message boards. If some idiot did that to me while racing, you're damn right I would put my front bumper right up on his rear bumper. Somebody has to teach him a lesson!

    I can't believe people actually gave you negative rep for posting that video. You did the right thing in my opinion. I really need to cool off, if I were you I would have gone crazy about 50 times by now after reading through that thread. You are my new hero!

    And I will give you your shot at driving the TT..... Someday!

    But if you wanna come out for a ride during testing, you are always welcome!!
    It cost a lot of money and the guy does not work. For my moms safety would be the only reason to do that but being able to afford it is a issue for us.
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