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    RIP Randy Swink

    He was a good dude! RIP Randy!
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    2020 BITD Silver State 300 Race Updates and Info

    I talked to people who saw it happen with their own eyes haha. Plus more.....also if the cut wasn't worth 20 seconds or more why would you turn the tracker off to do it :)
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    2020 BITD Silver State 300 Race Updates and Info

    No, they would not have won. The cut Harley took saved him more time than they won by.....
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    Anyone using a Trailer Tracker?

    Yes sorry I meant sat, unlike the others that need a cell signal. Good luck with those. For what we do one of those cell signal ones is useless much of the time. You will not find a better tracker than the Spot Trace for the $$ and use. The batteries will last months easily or more if it just...
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    Word on the Streets

    Here ya go. This article quotes a lot of the police report and clears much of it up. Pretty straight forward story now. Even the dead dudes brother says BJ was in the right. “Kevin had a feeling Joseph was going to do something stupid, but denied knowing what,” the report said. Kevin Smith...
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    Word on the Streets

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    Word on the Streets

    The police report will be out soon, most likely Monday. It will make a lot more sense once that comes out with the details trust me. Basically accidentally came upon a crime in progress and it went from there.
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    How many new race cars will be built because of PPP loans?

    While that might be a case of faking it, right now its best not to goto work with ANYTHING you get.
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    Anyone using a Trailer Tracker?

    The best one you can get for your $$ is the Spot Trace. I use these for all my Fishgistics trackers. They cost $99, you can usually find sales for buy one get one free a couple times a year also. Then for the year service its like $99-$120/year. They will update you every 2.5-60min whatever you...
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    2020 BAJA 500

    Not yet, im saying I think there is a better chance of it happening in July than June.
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    2020 BAJA 500

    I believe the July date has a much better chance at happening. Lets hope even that can happen.
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    The Book Of The Piece

    bump :)
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    [Race Update] 2020 SCORE Race Schedule Updates

    Here is a little more info and my take: Baja 500 has about a 5% chance to happen as scheduled, I am sure it will be pushed back to say July or so. Maybe kept on the beach more to keep us out of the heat. San Felipe as a town is BROKE, they have no fishing left, no tourists, no racing, they are...
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    King shocks battle at Primm

    If Nevada is asking for no gatherings of people for 30 days, this request should be honored. Its unrealistic to try and have an offroad race within the next few weeks. Especially without hotels and such. People need to stop being selfish and just help do what we are asked and SHUT DOWN. If we do...
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    Coronavirus? What Events Next..

    NORRA 1000 postponed, Moved to Oct 3-10th. Norra 500 canceled.