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  • thanks for the rep!!...I truely have enjoyed you sharing the process of your future home with us, and look forward to seeing it to the end!
    What's worse is having a sister in-law that goes into the bathroom and it sounds like shots fired. The woman takes a dump and the smell impregnates into the walls of the bathroom an hour later...Unreal :)
    Those guys will never understand what it costs to go fast reliably, and most will never be in a position to find out. I remember what happened to our engine costs for our Bonneville car when we started playing with coatings and cryogenic treatments. They can keep on believing that you can call Summit and order your TCI trans and go run it in your TT and win. Ahh, ignorance is bliss...

    Oh, when I win the Powerball we'll talk about the next generation of TT.
    And i an an expert as well , the difference is I do not mind being challenged . We do agree on one thing RG can drive
    haters! he loses by penalty and everyone cheers, he wins by penalty and everyone whines
    Saw your post re: Toyota's knowledge of roll center, wondered if you could tell me more or send me in a direction? Like the Kiwi said, most of the books deal with pavement theory and design.
    ya totally ... what do we know anyways ... we are just internet racers ... and we dont even own TL's ... worthless pieces of junk we are!! :D
    .... id invest ! :) (referring to your post in the TL thread) .. wouldn't let me give rep points.. :(
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