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    On Topic Class 8 Truck Owners, Why-When-Where

    We will be racing the MORE series for 2020 in Unlimited. I have been keeping an eye on Class 8 entries and they have been very limited. I think there were 2 trucks entered at the 400, and I haven't seen much in BITD this year. I would like to run BITD in 2021, but without any other trucks it...
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    Who's Working on a Class 8000

    I think we all need to get together on this and do some racing!! I can't wait for 2020, but am planning on running MORE in the Unlimited Class because of no other 8's racing.
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    Desert Dynamics

    I sent you a PM. JFK Race Cars in Apple Valley, Ca has a lot of information about your truck. I would talk with them.
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    Who's Working on a Class 8000

    Thank you. We were having a great day until that point. Just a random failure and only having had the truck for a couple of weeks, we didnt have any spares. That's racing. We are really looking forward to our next outing.
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    Who's Working on a Class 8000

    Hey Guys. We just picked up a class 8 from Regulators Racing Program. We ran a MORE race last weekend to get a feel for the truck. Looking to maybe run some BITD races next year. Is anyone racing Class 8 at all? I've been looking at the results from SCORE and BITD and I'm not seeing much.
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    Holley Sniper Vs. FiTech

    Does anyone have any hands on experience with either the Holley Sniper or the Fitech EFI systems? Considering making some changes to my truck and was looking at these two systems. I have reservations with the heat/dust/vibration that we deal with in off road racing and curious how these systems...