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    What's an off road race without a little controversy...

    The Truckyeah/Jalopnick video says this happened on a "closed section" of the course. Since when did SCORE start doing that?
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    Disguised 2015 F-150 ran the Baja 1000?

    Saw that truck at the 1000. It was running a new tread pattern BFG All-Terrains. Good looking tires! Also saw the BFG's on a Baja Challenge car.
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    Anybody else have problems at the Grand Sierra Resort?

    Last year we had a great time, but this year we had all kinds of issues. Many of our team members reservations were goofed up and only booked in for Saturday night. We thought we got it straightened out, but one of our guys went to his room on Saturday afternoon and couldn't get in. Security...
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    Best coating for a raw steel roll cage?

    What are you guys using to protect your roll cages from rust? Our car is a Lothringer Class 1600 that we have been using Scotchbrite and WD-40 on, but we are looking for something that will hold up a little longer. It got a little rusty at this years 1000. I have heard of using lindseed oil...
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    Sherman Balch's first scout from 1977

    It was pretty cool to find this thread. I am friend of Sherman's son, Shane, and forwarded it to him. Shane said it was really cool to see the old scout again!
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    Who Desert Races and lives on the East Coast

    I think Team Rapoca that runs a Trophy Truck and some other vehicles is based out of Bristol Virginia.
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    Hal Sealunds Old Race Bronco

    Cool rig, keep posting!
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    XR 650 Retired, CRF 500X Please

    The Honda TRX700XX motor in the 650 frame would be awesome. This is a photo shop, but still gave me a woody.
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    Memorial Day Thank You

    Thank you just doesn't seem like enough, but I thank all of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to give us the freedoms we enjoy every day.
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    robby gordon interview

    Holy crap! The Hummer will do 165mph?!?
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    ELITE early Bronco build

    Very cool! I have a 77 I have built up into a rock crawler. I have had bad thoughts of converting it into a dessert racer. Maybe one day. I like the serpentine belt set-up, that is my to-do list.
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    Good article about SCORE's race rescue

    I love working the races, but the 12 hour drive each way sucks. Every race we come home with plenty of stories, that's part of the reason why we keep going back!
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    Good article about SCORE's race rescue

    I work race rescue at the some of the SCORE races. One of my buddies that works race rescue with me advised me about this article. It's a pretty good read and gives you some insight into what we do. Check it out!
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    Some Dodge Ram Runner testing today

    The nice thing about the Raptor is you will know from the start what it is gonna cost you. There will be no headaches or surprises. Also how is the fit and finish gonna be on the Dodge? I guess it all depends on what dealer you take it to. It looks like Chevy is also looking into the market...
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    I just wanted to add that I have seen many fire extinguishers secured to thier mount with zipties, duct tape, bailing wire, tie downs and so on. This was done, I assume, because the latching mechanism was insufficient or broken. If you have done this, have you attempted to remove your...