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  • What up Carson! Texas SUCKS! Hope all is well for you. I am missing prerunning SanFel with LeDuc as we speak! Ill be at the 1000 FOSHOW. Hit me up anytime PEACE!
    Well, I was there helping out PMC Racing - and you can see the pictures of the rolled truck in the STock Full Smack Thread - No injuries was the only good news out of that, aside from the fact that we had made up 7 minutes in one lap and were chasing down the leaders when the wheel failed - No riding this race for me, just pitting.

    I also helped out Curt/Corey Geer who lost a motor on the last lap - Sucked.
    How'd you guys do at the race?.... I saw your truck at tech and meant to intro myself, just didn't get the chance.
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