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Dec 14, 2017 at 2:18 PM
Jan 14, 2004
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Apr 16, 1971 (Age: 46)
Garden Grove, CA
Construction Superintendent

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Well-Known Member, Male, 46, from Garden Grove, CA

Ggggg Jan 14, 2015

Fourstroker was last seen:
Viewing thread Ride for 1 minute in the 1st overall buggy at the 1000, Dec 14, 2017 at 2:18 PM
    1. Swift_Motorsports
      Thanks for the good words about the crew! Any chance I could get that video?
      1. Fourstroker
        Feb 9, 2017
    2. Fourstroker
    3. frostbite36
      When are you guys racing next?
    4. Shred918
      We had a good run for our first dog and pony show for sure. One thing I can say for sure is its a lot rougher than Primm. I like desert better than the GP stuff.
    5. Shred918
      Congrats on the podium. Car looked good out there!
    6. frostbite36
      Thanks for your reply. I have a set of 2.5 king 10" bypass I can run up front on by 12 car build. I was going to buy a matching set of 10" Coilovers. Of course, I can still go in another direction, so that is why I am asking around. If you had it over again, would you have done anything different up front? ...top arm mount? 12" shocks? etc? Thanks, Benny (#515 SNORE)
    7. frostbite36
      Are you running 12" or 10" and/or 2.0 or 2.5 King shocks up front on your 12 car?
    8. Shred918
      I have been busy with work and the real world so I have had to back off on the desert racing a little. I will be pitting at the MORE December race with the usual clan. I was just working on the car over the weekend putting my new limit straps in and will be testing this weekend. Next race is BAP for me.
    9. Shred918
      Happy Birthday man!
    10. Bill
      Happy Birthday Kevin
    11. Huntington Beach
      Huntington Beach
      I'll know this week how the spring is going to be... It could be a good thing or it could be staying the same. I'm hoping for the best!!!
    12. doug969
      Hey you racin Parker? I'll be there at main pitting for Belk and Anderson
    13. AZ1000
      I have a pic of your seat sliders from your build thread. What sizes were the tubes you used? Were they DOM steel or Chromo?
      Finally have time to copy them.
    14. kwood
    15. bcampbell04
      ya, won't be ragin too much. our engine is a lil hurt but we gonna take to this last race as is. then get a fresh build to start next season with. ya, dave is my dad. i'm stoked at how well they've done this year. can't ask for much better. i'm hoping to get in the driver seat sometime next year in that baby. helps that i'm back in Havasu now and will be helping prep it every race. ya, i'll be at parker in 2010 with the LVDC Class 1s and also the Nitro Circus trophy truck. if you come out to parker to test at all before the race, let me know!
    16. bcampbell04
      trust me man, i hear you on the funds for racing. we are currently prepping the car for the Rage at the River(haha). except we won't be raging all that much. just wanna go out and get a decent finish and hopefully keep our 2nd spot in class 12. not too sure how next season looks for us, but hoping to do the whole SNORE series again. so, any chance you're looking for a co-rider anytime soon?... i'm having withdrawls. cars are mainly ride in haven't raced at all this year.
    17. bcampbell04
      how's everything going kevin? hows the car coming after the powder puff?
    18. outdoor11
      Cary Chandler yes he gave us a hand for some races
    19. Offset Photography
      Offset Photography
      well keep my posted so I can make sure to get a couple of pictures. good luck this weekend!
    20. Offset Photography
      Offset Photography
      you and the wife ready for Powder Puff?
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    Apr 16, 1971 (Age: 46)
    Garden Grove, CA
    Construction Superintendent
    Kevin Martin
    Class I race in:
    On the scooter these days. Over 40 Novice, etc I have also raced Class 10, 12, 1600, 5/16 and 1300.
    Favorite Race:
    Riverside Back in the Day
    Favorite Race Driver:
    Larry Roeseler - The Guy can flat win in anything, anytime, anywhere. Rob Mac comes to mind also
    Silverado Work Truck
    Tatum Dual Sport 4 Seater
    KTM 500 XCW
    Favorite Offroad Video:
    On Any Sunday
    Favorite Offroad Website:
    RDC Baby!
    Been involved in racing since the mid 70's. Got back involved about 11 years ago. Married with 2 Kids (Kennedy 15 and Casey 13). Race bikes, then cars and now back on the bike.

    Riding with friends and fam is #1 right now with a few races a year mixed in. Also enjoy golf on occasion, coaching my kids sports, a little Captain Morgan and camping with the family


    Kevin Martin * 2005 B1K Finisher * BALD EAGLE RACING * BITD #1197 / MORE/SNORE #1297