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    Kill Pro 4 to save Short Course?

    I just realized I failed to include ProBuggy and Modified Kart in my above post. They too are a critical part of the overall show and we can't afford to lose any class or any drivers.
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    Kill Pro 4 to save Short Course?

    If you go back just a few years, Pro4 was the event fans primarily came to see. I mean true “fans” not linked to teams someway somehow which excludes just about every one of “us” reading this blog (race support, friends, and family). To me, Pro4 is the premiere class and most entertaining. In...
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    Red Bull Frozen Rush Returns--With RACING!!

    Qualifing Results Today: 1. Rob Mac 2. Bryce Menzies 3. Carl Renezeder 4. Johnny Greaves 5. Scott Douglas 6. Ricky Johnson 7. Greg Adler 8. Todd LeDuc
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    Tonight Carl Renezeder on Speed Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain

    Tune in now. He will be live on Speed from his Laguna Beach home between 6PM and 7PM PST.
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    Renezeder Qualifies #1 Geoff Bodine Bobsled Challenge

    Race day was broken up into two separate races. On Sunday morning they raced as individuals “Olympic Style” for bragging rights “King of the Hill”. On Sunday afternoon it was a team race NASCAR vs NHRA showdown. Being on the pole, Carl thought he would start last, but instead he was the...
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    Renezeder Qualifies #1 Geoff Bodine Bobsled Challenge

    Renezeder Leads Bodine Qualifying January 9, 2010 LAKE PLACID, N.Y. - Carl Renezeder made the long trip from California pay off Saturday as the off-road racer lead all qualifiers in the Lucas Oil Geoff Bodine Bobsled Challenge presented by Whelen Engineering. Renezeder made the quick...
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    Carl Renezeder Invited to Compete in Geoff Bodine Bobsled Challenge

    The 5th Annual Lucas Oil Geoff Bodine Bobsled Challenge Presented by Whelen Engineering LAKE PLACID, N.Y. -- The field is set and the weather is forecasted to be quintessential Adirondack in January. With ample snow, a typical chill in the air and the 30th anniversary of the 1980 Winter...
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    Hi Guys. The Pro4 is a shorter wheel base and does have the look of the Nissan. If you look at...

    Hi Guys. The Pro4 is a shorter wheel base and does have the look of the Nissan. If you look at the P4 front and rear fenders you will see they are the same as Scott Douglas P4. The hood is different as well, look at the lines. The one guy that can really validate this is Bruce at Boatec. I...
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    No pro-2 in borg-warner??

    Looks like all Ford to me... Compare using the link below showing his old Nissan body compared to today's Ford body. The very top right photo (next to Carl's mug-shot) is current Ford; lower pictures are Nissan from Dallas, Texas 2007. Link...
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    Good Carne Asada

    I agree! Sante Fe Meats is best I've ever had. Fortunate for me they are only 15 minutes away. This past year's Super Bowl Sunday (Saturday Eve), there was an hour+ waiting line just to get to the front counter. One guy I talk to drove 2 hours to buy his Carne Asada from this joint. Be...
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    Ross hoek

    Ross, Your hard work and effort over the years is paying off. Well deserved, my sincere congratulations.
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    CORR Racing at Noon today

    Glad to see the passion… and how many folks easily gets bent when their favorite show isn’t aired when promised. TV is a key ingredient to the success of the sport. It's going the right direction.
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    Best Off Road Marketing Manager

    My vote is for Jennifer Bissett. This gal can write and work sponsors with the best of them. She ranks and rates with the best Motorsport Marketing Directors in the Country! NASCAR, NHRA, etc. Click on this link below for a sample of her writing skills...
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    Chula Vista Results Thread 9/29 - 9/30

    Where do you get your information? There is no rule that says you can only have one truck. Scott Douglas, Baldwin's, Cenni, Carl all have two Pro4's and have raced both trucks on the same weekend. Carl elected to run his new Nissan Pro4 on the NBC show fully knowing he would give up the front...
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    PRO-4 Video - AV Cup Race

    Jonathan you are entitled to your opinion. I see in your public profile you list Johnny Greaves as your one of your two favorite racers. I understand, I've been known to support Carl. However you’re absolutely WRONG. In fact, Steve's video clearly exhibits Johnny wrecking Carl intentionally...