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  • Thanks for the invite! In the middle of gathering my new motor parts as money allows.....Should be running and ready about march! keep me posted on all your races, I will get there someday!
    I would love to, we've talked about it, but my wife is pregnant with our first son and due within 3 days of the race. Its just not gonna happen this year- but we will be there for sure in the future! Thanks for the invite, keep us in mind.
    It's definitely a possibility. I will let you know as it gets closer. I wasn't able to make Barstow because I am still in my spring semester at school. I'm super pumped about what you are doing for the 5-1600 class though!
    hey uncles im rocio gonzalez son, sobrina de beto gonzalez
    so whats up whit the recing bussines????
    by the way my name is jose luis so u may remember me flom 15 years ago :S i hope
    hey its Guy, hope everything is going well. I was wondering if you guys would be interested in racing the ORAF 500, May 22nd - 23rd. Lots of good competion. So come on out! :)
    Thanks for the info on entry fees and other costs. It looks like if I want to race baja it will be on a horse.
    hey guys i have a 5-1600 i run the MDR. I do well in the series and finish consistantly but i cant keep up with the fast guys. I know our motors are equal, transmission is a bus 4.57, can u give me some great tips, in suspension, transmission Anything that would help me to be faster??????
    whats up archie good luck this friday , long time without posting , well we will be close to race mile 510 about a couple hundred yards north of baja pits , just incase you need any help , we will have a small pit setup to do a visual inspection on a class 8 truck #865 . GOOD LUCK AND WE WILL KEEP A LOOKOUT FOR YOU GUYS.
    hey whats up Archei , I hope every thing whent well for you guys at the 500 ??? I was at erendira all weekend .

    I just started with the pan on what is planed to be the next 5/1600 race bug , bought the cromoly and king kong adjuster and will be changing the front to link pin. I will send you pictures and thanks for your advise on building the car, now the project is finaly Underway.
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