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  • Hi Rile, I sold all of them . A guy made me a deal that i couldnt refuse :) We are doing great and staying busy for sure. I';m sorry I dont have any axles left. Terry
    hey, whats up? did you tell me you had some passenger side drop chevy dana 60's? if so, what would it take to get one of them? hope youre staying busy and doing well. merry christmas, rile
    hey whats up? do you have any more of that clean 1x3 i think it was? that worked really well for my drive and we are about to finish up now. thanks
    You should make an knife throwing arcade game for your avatar to see how many throws it takes you to pop the button. I bet it would be the most popular game on off-road.org
    You know, I've been wanting to point out...it's kinda distracting reading your posts...I seem to not pay attention to the words...Just letting you know...;)
    Ha Ha, we got you like two Raptors hunting in the night!! Caught you sleeping with not much rep... but now you'll get more rep and it all adds up positive or negative.... Happy Hunting!! Jim is an offroader, that means he's not a troll...
    Thank you sir!!! It is a pleasure and honor to be back. Now I just gotta calm down and ignore the trolls....LOL!!
    Please check out my recent post in the purple section, and add some more definitions if you'd like!!!
    I wish i would have known FUD... and helped him out with some races. What an awesome roll-model he would have been for running races, and taking care of things in the dez!
    FUD was great, 3- wheeler marking the course. i had a few beers w/ him. VAYA CON DIOS FUD! Thanks for your love of this sport.
    Troy Harper
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