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  • I registered the other day...it tells me I am a guest still and wont show post I made. Says, "waiting for moderator...." Did I miss something?
    I need to change my e mail but I forgot my password. New e mail is perfectracer@gmail.com Perfect Race is my scren name. can you send a way to fix to my new e mail? I am leaving tonight and might not get my pms. Need to get all updated for my new I phone. Thanks Lee
    hey i just signed up and posted , only show the last post as i reposted thinking my signup stuff i hadnt completed didnt allow the post to show....

    my hello my name is was done....

    btw I was co driving in Hogans truck

    Hello full_pull
    I am new in the forum and i want to post some info on a house for rent in ensenada for the race but I cant it wont come out need help
    Hi, I was trying to post 2 new product announcements from SoCal SuperTrucks in the Industry News section...just looking for approval and/or rights.
    Hey man i didnt mean to post two threads one right after the other. My computer is dumb and I didnt think it posted the first time but then I read that you have to view it first. You can just delete the first one and post the second one if you'd like. Thanks.
    I created a thread about an F150 and a Bronco since I didn't see another thread that covered the EXACT questions I asked. Well, as luck would have it (or lack there of), there was another thread that covered it all that I completely missed. Could you delete this please?

    Sorry about that.
    Hey Russ its kevin.just in case you didn't know your buddy Joe is two months behind on his rent at the shop and is going to loose it.the landlord was in there today and may seize everything for the back payments that he owes. Call me if you need to.928-699-7932.
    This is Jason Berger form www.racecatheter.com ( racecatheter.com here on the board) I was trying to post a promotion for Parker 425 in the industry news section. I ran an ad through Ron and I assumed after I did that, that I could post in that section? Is that correct, or is there something else I need to do?

    Thank you,
    How do i make the pics larger when posted they are very small, I see alot that are large and it makes it easier for others to view?
    This is Bill Vickers (Wild Bill) from glamisdunes.com. If there is absolutely anything at all to help you guys out over here just ask. We are here to help.


    I'm trying to get my account started and I already did the Hello my name is forum. So what else do I have to do?

    I registered on the 22nd of March and posted in the Hello my name is ____. forum. The posting permissions say I can post, but every time I try, I get the message that my post have to be approved by the moderators. Am I doing something wrong?


    Steve Hobart
    I tried to post more pics under my 79 bronco chase build and the "manage attachments" box is not at the bottom. Any insight?
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