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  • It's not in my name and my friend that I bought it from did not put it in his name either. I was only going to use it for the body, so i was not worried about registering it. The best I can tell you to do is to just call the DMV and give them the VIN#. Tell them you bought the car and want to check the status on the title. Should be easy to get a Green sticker for it.
    Have you made much progress on the car?

    Ok because I dont want to run into many problems.
    Yea I got the body off the pan, today Im goiing to take the pan halfs off...im going to weld in new ones because i found rust on both side but its ok...
    Im building the motor at my work(http://www.vwparadise.com/) im waiting for my internals to come in.
    Im still on a tranxaxle hunt though...
    got my front beam.
    Its kind of hard to get parts because i want to have the good stuff so i dont run into problems later
    Im comming up on a shock sponsorship with bilstein.
    What size shock is most significant?
    I know that there are no coilovers in the 5-1600 class, bypasses I can get a hold of.
    I just need to know the specs?
    Hey Dave, Just wanted to let ya know that the kid (david casas) is a real good kid. Not sure if he told ya but he was one of the kids that was on this years SPEED show called "drag race high." He's got a lot of fire, pretty quiet with a lot of knowledge and willingness to learn. He's a real committed kid and when he says he's going to do something, he does it. Thank you for sharing your expertise with him, you wont be sorry. Thanks again,, Scott
    Could you possibly explain the significance and the function of IRS pivots, Torsion adjuster, and truss the torsion housing...?
    What size chromaly is required for 516? My steel sponsor wantsa to know?
    Hey Dave,'
    Yea we should have spoken more about the technical stuff a little more, but we were in a hurry.
    Yea, im was just woundering how to go about preping the bug for the real work.suggestions?
    How was the transmission? Is it seized? Good?
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