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  • I always thought the issue for class 4 was the throttle body not the motec per se ....if you need any help let me know
    Hey Kevin, where is your shop? I want to stop by and check things out. I live across the street from your parked 365CL.
    I do have a trailer products truck body and I own the mold for the hood. If you look at my photo album you will see it. We made revisions to a 7 open hood. I have a brand new hood I would sell you.


    I was reading an old post about a truck body you may have the molds for. the pic. shows two bodies a trailer products and some other one. I am looking for a body. what do you have???
    after running the season on the BFG all terrain T/A 33 9.50 R 15 im looking for a change, side wall punctures are killing us we are avaraging 3-4 tires a race and the down time is killing my lap times, what are you running and are you having good luck with them
    Stu, I will go through my VW items and come up with a list. I know I have a new 1835 race motor along with other items.
    I have the 95 race for sure, I was watching another 1000 that I believe is from 94 but they never once mentioned the year throughout the whole show. I didn't see any meco cars in the one I watched, they mostly focused on the trucks. They showed the baldwin buggies and Bob Land's chenowth. I'll watch the 95 too and try to figure out how to upload them to my computer or something.

    I'll check for ya! I should have it from espn though. Its on VHS, how could I get that onto windows media player or something?

    Which # car is it?
    The car is comming along. It goes to MME for the aluminum work on Wednesday the 27th. Ill give you a call.
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