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    6100, TTspec, T2, Baja Truck only thread

    We are putting an LT1 in Herling’s truck now. What issues have you had and are they ok now. Just want to know what to look for and where to start looking to make better.
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    V2R Quad/Vehicle Incident

    I thought this same thing but after watching the moto guys struggle riding on a flat 2 track silted road it would never work. This being said if I were on a bike and knew what was behind me I would get out of the way. I was blown away with the slower bikes just siting in the grove. Some not even...
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    Score rule change for Trophy Truck Spec

    this entire thread was great enough to make another one of my customers do a full Danzio upgrade in his truck. just ordered it today and it will be installed and tested by V2R.
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    Laughlin Desert Classic Photos 2017

    any 6136 Fusion Truck. and 6145
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    Score rule change for Trophy Truck Spec

    hey Chris should I be hiding my LR cpu so no body knows I record data.. lol Danzio handles all of our 6100 trucks tuning and we are changing older trucks over to their electronics along with the GM CPU. I don't know why people are attacking their character as they should credit Chris and his...
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    Baja-Score Rescue Helicopter update/info needed

    in Mexico the ambulance is nothing but a slow moving transportation vehicle. they have no tools or gear to sustain life or medicine to assist with pain. you are lucky if they have a bandage for a wound. Trust me I know this first hand. Time is life in Mexico. air support day or night is the most...
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    Baja-Score Rescue Helicopter update/info needed

    I was the first driver in Mark Luhtala's truck so my point of view is one of someone directly involved. $200 is cheep and necessary. when it is your team and friends life on the line you will at any cost want the best possible care for them and the most effective response time from accident to...
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    Updates on Parkhouse wreck

    great to hear Cody is healing. I am still in disbelief that Mark is gone. We had an amazing race going and my last memories of him were from strapping him in his truck in 2nd place at RM 415 in the Baja 1000. His smile was from ear to ear and he could not believe his team was doing so well. It...
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    On Topic SCORE 2017 dates. ARE THESE REAL?

    I like it. they got their dates spread apart from Parker and the mint.
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    On Topic So, how was your "Tonopah Experience"?

    loved it. It was cool to talk to all the other drivers about their adventures on day 1 and what their plan was for day 2 . thanks Casey, BITD, and the town of Tonopah for putting up with all of us racers.
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    V2R Accidents? We need your help.

    It is great to see the tracking company actually wanting feedback on ways to improve and keep us safe. It makes me feel better about spending the money on tracking for our safety. and by the way for your first race I think you guys did an excellent job and thank you for you continued effort to...
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    Mint 400 Crash - Race Vehicle 1035

    For the record this is not a Fusion Off-Road car. A few years ago there was a company in San Diego called Fusion design. This may be their car I am not sure. But I am sure that we did not build this car. Also I am not saying builder of this car did a bad job I have never seen it. We mount our...
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    BITD Awsome new tracking

    Finally we have a good tracking system. this made racing and tracking our vehicle easy and flawless for our crew and friends. I feel the need to give credit to the individuals who made this happen. We as racers appreciate the effort made and as I understand
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    Vaya Con Dios Mama Espinoza

    Baja racing has lost a legendary person. Baja has racing legends like the Ironman but it also has magistic legends in its people like Mama Espinosa and Coco which in some ways are more legend then lots of its racers. A bit of history was lost but her legend will live on as long as we are making...
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    Honda Ridgeline Off-Road Race Vehicle (Video & Photos)

    I for 1 am stoked for Jeff getting this deal done. He has been working on this with Honda for 10 plus years. I think cruze and finish. Give Honda a Baja 1000 win to market with and watch the other factories follow suit. Congratulations Jeff on making your dream and vision come true the sport...