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    Contact Info for FW Productions?

    PM sent.
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    Short in car video from the Baja 500

    why is it double speed?
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    Trophy Lite

    whats this? cops exist in blossom valley? :p
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    DVD Trailer//FlatWheel Productions

    yes, there is SCORE footage in the trailer because at that time we were planning on having SCORE footage in the movie. It was too much for the rights, the footage will be in the next dvd when we have a larger budget. we have amazing incar stuff from the baja 250. ;)
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    DVD Trailer//FlatWheel Productions

    DVD comes out tomorrow! Pick up your copy at booth 4730! The Filtec Motorsports Hybrid TT on display in our booth. Every DVD comes with a free Liquid Ice Energy drink!! Update: there is NO SCORE footage in the DVD.
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    Marquez Racing 12 car Video

    sweet video! at 2:43 where fiberwerx is behind you, a little farther down the course there was a left turn and you and jason got tangled up. i was hoping to see the outside view, we have it on in-car from fiberwerx (its in our DVD)
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    What do you think?

    this looks awesome, sign me up.
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    ***smd Primm Video***
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    DVD Trailer//FlatWheel Productions

    Our DVD, Revolutions Per Minute, will be released at the Off-Road Expo in Pomona on October 6th. Check out the trailer at The site will be live within the next week, as for now, the trailer is the only thing there. Featured in the DVD: Filtec Racing Team Steve Sourapas...
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    Camburg Racing in car from Vegas to Reno

    awesome video! what band was that?
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    Photos - Primm 300

    great shots guys! wish i could have been there. any shots of TT 58?
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    PAB's New Paint Job for Primm???

    ^^ hahahah!
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    Pics of the new "Big Oly" trophy truck

    nice to see it coming together, marshall!
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    SGG Photo contact info???
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    Chupacabra....They are for real!

    looks like a dog to me.