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    Switch Pros

    Any updates on these units? I’m going to most likely rewire my truck during the rebuild, and have been curious about the longevity and reliability of these.
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    When “adjusting/tuning” bypasses, why start with all open vs closed?

    I always start a tuning sesh with the tubes open and adjust from there half turns at a time. IMO you want the toobz open as much as possible. If you’re having to close them, or near close, then you are light on your valve stack, too many free bleeds open, etc.
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    1400 and 1450 rulebooks for M.O.R.E.

    It always seems political and biased. Anyone actively on MORE's racetalk forum? Maybe it's in there...
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    1400 and 1450 rulebooks for M.O.R.E.

    Honestly, I don't think this will EVER be resolved. Everyone has their own agenda and wants to be catered to. Is there REALLY a problem? I don't think so. It's not like the same trucks keep winning over and over again dominating the class. And who are the ones complaining? Keyboard jockeys...
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    Greg Sunds racing incar from 2009 MDR California 200

    Not happy at all with the quality of the video. It looks really good on my computer at home. Sound is horrible too!!! Oh well. Here's the race were I tagged THE rock and ripped my suspension almost all the way off.
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    Greg Sunds racing MDR Mojave 250

    Back in the 1465 days. This is an old in car from when I broke my engine cage. Had an awesome race going until then. This was from April 4 2009. Enjoy.
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    House for rent in Victorville

    12640 Mann St, Victorville, CA 92392 Almost 1700 Sq ft 3 bed 2 bath 3 car garage $1,150mo 3 or 4 miles west of 15fwy exit Bear Valley rd...
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    LS2 Problems?

    I have an LS2 from a 06 vette sitting in my garage just waiting to be installed in a certain 1400 truck. I'm just curious if anyone knows of any common problems with them that I can take care of before it gets installed. All I have heard of so far is that the lower rod bolts stretch under high...
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    MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge Recap

    Any pix from the race?
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    302 fuel pressure regulator

    Workin on a carb'd 302. He has a Peirburg pump. Holley street avenger 670 carburetor. I know nothing about carbs. We need a regulator for it and want to make sure the Peirburg pump will work. What kind of regulator? Returnless? What PSI? It also has a spacer with it, does it really make a...
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    metal hole punch

    Can anyone refer me to a brand or website for a hole punch set for steel? I have a punch set already, but it came with sizing for pipe. Bought it at Harbor Freight mainly for the jack and ram for my dimple dies set. I want 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", etc. but all I can find is stuff for pipe, like I...
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    Johnson Valley thanks the OHV community

    That's awesome, thanks for sharing
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    Roger Norman Buys SCORE International - FACT

    This is bada$$! Will entry fees for SCORE be the same as HDRA? If so my gringo arse may be in Mehico sooner than I thought
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    1400 trucks

    Is this BS going to go on every year? There was a big debate about this on the M.O.R.E. website last year. The end result was the class would have to vote if a truck would be ok to race with fiberglass. I think the rules should stay the same. But, if I rolled my truck, I would cut the cab off...