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    Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's 1984 PPI Toyota SR5 restoration

    Been lurking offline for a bit, but this build has been unreal so far, Wardy!
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    Lost item in Barstow?

    Posting this for John Hoffman who is out prerunning in Barstow for the Freedom 250 today. _______________ If you are missing a piece of equipment in Barstow from this past Thursday, feel free to contact John at the email below. _______________
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    Laughlin pit row accident/injury

    John asked me to follow up on this for y'all: _____________ Thanks for all your concern on our crew member Daniel. He was the member injured, has a broken jaw in two places, and now has his jaw wired shut. I would like to thank Cory from Team Associated for his quick action in helping...
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    Mako Shark at the H.B. Pier-photos

    Great shots! They're always there. You just don't see them all the time. Heck, we rarely get a visual on them when we're diving either.
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    Nitro Circus / True Trophy Truck on MTV!

    Shock help? Indeed! Someone needs to put a call into John Hoffman. Mike Johnson is a great wheel... especially when he's in Atilla. (Yes I am a bit biased) -G
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    Cheating with helicopters

    SCORE had mandated a couple of years ago (at a TT driver/ owner meeting down @ SPD) that all helicopters observing the race were to be no lower than 500 feet, and to the right of the race vehicle they were observing. All re-fueling or landing was to be made at least 1/4 mile from the race course...
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    Pflueger Racing @ the Baja 1000!

    Fish is correct... Atilla was originally a Porter build, but since his original incarnation, he's had quite a few design implementations. It would be safe to say he's changed drastically to fit the needs of Alan's driving style. In this particular case, especially for this race, Atilla...
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    Pflueger Racing @ the Baja 1000!

    I know many of you have been asking, so I'll be the first to tell you, Alan will be racing the Baja 1000! Mike Johnson (aka Bronson, CORR Pro 2 #31) will be the team's 2nd driver. Atilla will be the weapon of choice. Everyone on the team is very excited at the prospect of returning to Baja...
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    Pflueger shop changes

    Re: Pflueger closes down shop I will be posting an official statement for RDC shortly, as I'm working on something right now with Alan. For what its is worth, it is what it is. Its that simple. Times are economically rough, and sadly, some sacrifices have had to take place. Its been 6 years...
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    Paul Newman- R*I*P

    WESTPORT, Conn. (AP) - Paul Newman, the Academy-Award winning superstar who personified cool as an activist, race car driver, popcorn impresario and the anti-hero of such films as "Hud,""Cool Hand Luke" and "The Color of Money," has died. He was 83. Newman died Friday after a long battle with...
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    ...official! V2r race thread...

    Mini Main had to change a CV boot @ pit 5, but AP is back in the hunt! IRC shows Whitton on the highway, Huffman/Whelchel stopped, and Garron, Voyles and Alan going back and forth @ MM 210-215.
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    ...official! V2r race thread...

    Pflueger through pit 2 in Cottontail! Running physically 10th. Get em, boyz!
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    Team Associated (SC8?) Stadium Truck

    When you see one close up, you'll understand the price point... and they are independent rear & AWD. The SC8 is built waaay bulletproof, and has gotten me excited about racing RC's again! Team Associated has raised the bar again, with such an incredibly well built & accurate piece of "moving...
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    Papas&Beer Racing Website Updated

    Looks good, Rodrigo!
  15. Gabe Lara is up!

    After a bit of a redesign, the Pflueger Racing web page is back! Check it out here: Enjoy!