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  • that sucks that truck needs to be in the dirt i missed it trip to baja before jim sold it hope to see it in the dirt soon
    Hey Gabe!!! Yeah, I do know my sponsors pretty well, but we changed up a couple since the last round....that, and I get completely stupid on the could ask me the name of my children and I would probably forget - lol!! I always have a cheat sheet - usually it's just no so freakin' obvious - lol! :) The track was really slippery, so I couldn't really rail my favorite corners....had to kind of tippy toe my SR1 around for that was a lot of fun, though! I love a good battle!

    We all run stock Yamaha R1 motors - they have to be between 2002 (when they switched to EFI) and 2008 (2009 and newer are expensive and super badass). My rev limiter kicks in at 14,000 RPMs, which is why we can scream them around like we do.....nothing like the sound of being on the pipe when you are racing one of those things! :) I looooooove my SR1 - it's so much fun, I still get all giddy when I know I get to get some seat time! :)
    Would you have any interest in helping a buddy in his automotive repair shop in PHX for one week in April? His partner has a chance to take his wife to Italy, and my buddy would like to stay open that week.

    He needs someone to answer the phone and help out in the shop to do that.

    Shop is on 43rd Ave, south of Indian School Road and open M-F.

    I'm not sure which week. Reply here, email or call. Thanks, Gabe!

    (you might be able to trade labor for his help getting your front shocks mounted, I'm pretty sure he has a spring compressor)
    Yes I have 8 photos of 1351, send me an email at and I will send you the proofs


    their is the possessive plural pronoun. I never put we'll be there, afraid it will jinx me. but I'm not racing, unless you jinxed Jim or Mike.
    Haven't heard from Lee, but Mike is going over there this afternoon. Checker will loan him both a compression and a leakdown tester for a refundable deposit. We'll see, but like Jr. says "It is what it is."
    It's more an issue of parts and timing with everybody's family and work than talent. ;) What are you doing to fill the time? Thinking about school next semester?
    Looks like we'll have the transmission back around the 16th. Hope to have it in and car buttoned up in time to do a long test day in Parker 11/28, a week before Barstow. Hope you can help and go.
    And I'm a pedantic old SOB! Have fun! Take your wallet!!! Lee's researching the seal issue and has plenty of shocks to rebuild for customers, plus it's supposed to stay hot for at least a week. We're thinking maybe Oct. 24-25 for Parker testing.
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