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  • Waiting on a bearing, got one side put back together, need to weld one crack. I'll let you know.

    Next race is 9/12, we'll probably leave Thursday, come back Sunday. Interested in going - there probably won't be a seat in the car available except testing Friday?
    Why don't you just park in front of my house? SAfeway is over six miles out of my way round trip, nine+ including dropping you off.
    Gabe, SYCSRT was just donated a truck. Want to help us fix it up? I'm open - so far - for the next 10 days as to going to Lee's or working on an '84 GMC. How about you? I'd want to go to Lee's at O'dark thirty to escape as much heat as possible.
    Vacation!?! I haven't had a vacation in nearly 15 years! Still don't know when I'm going to PHX. Hot. Why did you send the same message again this morning?
    Just got back into town late last night. OK, I don't know when I'm going down to Lee's, but I'll give you fair warning ahead of time. Happened to drive up and down Third in Riverside a couple of times, didn't spot the Fab School, though I thought maybe I'd seen a sign a couple years back.
    I like the one MSNBC edited together where it looked like George Bush was in a buggy jumping the canal! G'night!
    Done, sent him an email Sun extolling your virtues. Sent him another tonight re: your willingness to check out and work on the Coyote. I'll call him, too.
    You call him after after 8 am, please. He ought to be available then. Thanks again!
    RaceShock HQ is at 2422 E. Cochise, Phx 85390, WSW of 32nd and Shea. Lee would LOVE to have you come over and work on the car. I know it needs one coilover R&R'ed (rf), one tire tubed (lf or spare), the air cleaner and pumper elements cleaned, a detail, and possibly an oil change and maybe a clutch disc replaced. Plus another couple of items to be named later.

    There, that ought to keep you busy for a couple hours. ;) Give Lee Bob a call at 602-493-3700 and tell him NoBrakes sent you. Thank you for your support and interest! BTW, your helmet won't pass tech at most events unless it's SNELL SA 2005, except for MORE, where a SNELL M2000 is ok thru 2009 and will work with our system if it is PCI compatible.
    Gabe, don't forget to bring lunch, snacks and water for yourself. I'll throw a cooler in the Toy. See you Sat at 7!
    From the SYCSRT manager Pat Brown:

    "Reminder that this is our training Saturday. We will be doing Area Familiarization Drive again.

    This trip will be in the Congress area. We will meet at the Posse building at about 07:00, There is a possibility that we will be needed to help raise the repeater tower. This should only take about 30 min. or so. then we will go off on our trip. We will be going just north of Congress to the Hillside/ Date creek road . Up that road to State road 96 to state road 97 to US 93 back down to State road 71 back to Congress. Depending on the time we may cover SR71 to the west and then back to just west of Congress and off road to the north checking out the area. Bring your lunch as we will not be having A BBQ after words. Bring water.

    When we are done we will be stopping at North Ranch and visit with Doug for a few min. as he will be here."
    The plan is to head up to Congress then take the dirt roads to Hillside. Blacktop to Bagdad and 93. Then head back towards Congress on some other dirt roads.
    Most of it will be new ground for me. Let me warn you, we're a bunch of Boomers, but a good group of people. You can ride with me.
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