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  • You're invited! On the SYCSRT trip on 7/18, next Saturday. We'll probably meet out at the gun club off Constellation around 7am. Interested?
    A couple of us are going to Barstow for the More 250 7/18. I'm not, cuz the last time I raced that race it was 116 at the 5pm driver's meeting and the heat here at home this weekend will be enough to hold me over, we have family here the 17th and SYSCRT is making a trip up to Hillside via Congress and back through Bagdad that day. In AIR-CONDITIONED trucks.

    Then we're thinking of a Cinders trip in August and another MORE race at Lucerne Sept. 12.
    I'm almost 55, but my arrested development is at age 14. Do you have a quad? Any interest in search and rescue?
    Our "shop" stretches from Queen Creek to ? but mainly is a garage in PHX. I'll give you a ring sometime. Do you know a guy named Kerry, IIRC, that lives off Mariposa north of 60? He doesn't race but has sandcars and 4x4's and a HUGE shop you can drive a semi through.
    No, I don't know Jesse either. I guess I don't get out much ;) I'm thinking there out to be somewhere out by Forepaugh to test. I saw a TT heading west on 60 awhile back, and I figured if they were heading to test at Parker from PHX, they'd take I10. Lower Hassayampa too crowded for the speeds the Coyote can attain.
    Well, nice to meet you. We'll have to meet up in person. I'm afraid I don't know JC Gills, having only lived here a year full time now. What class does he race? I do know Easy Street and have met a BITD minitruck racer but I can't recall his name right now. I race with the RaceShock/Coyote team out of PHX in a LS1 powered unlimited. I'm also a member of the Yavapai County Sheriff's Response Team for search and rescue.

    I have a Toyota 4x4. Mostly stock. Is that black truck in your avatar yours? We'll have to go blasting the Hassayampa someday. Where do you guys test?

    We often go to the Geiser Loop, occasionally to the old Vulture Mine course. Thanks!
    Howdy neighbor! Good to see another Wickenburger on here. I may have met you at a garage sale this spring. Did you used to work at 4W Supply? What race shop in town are you working at now? Thanks!
    Not soon enough! The TT is pretty much ready to race got alittle bit to do on it and go testing....Cool I may be down to the Wickenburg race at the end of the year to race on a quad...
    Alot of body damage, and bent some stuff nothing really broke, just alot of work to get it back together, New I beams, Radius Arms, Steering Box, Grill, Bumper, Core Support, Bed, etc.
    NO I havent talked to Art or Oscar lately, Last I heard Oscar was in COlorado and Art was still down in Phoenix....I know Steve still talks to them both pretty regularly, how haev you been? Yeah wreck pretty well I have the in-car camera of the wreck on give me a couple minutes and I sent it to you...
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