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    Swedish Underdog..

    Do it to it! I love subies, they are a very underrated offroad vehicle. EJ25t swap, nice cage, retrofit wrx style rally suspension, love it! Would this be a class 6 or 7? They would have to put in a new class for rancheros, elkos and now Brats!:D
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    R/C Trophy Truck

    it looks great. what is the rear axle out of? where did you take the sand pictures? Kinda looks like blowsand in Ocotillo.
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    Totally. How is that substantially better or even different from the JMR notcher shown here?
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    I'm building my first Baja Bug. Any input?

    What do you guys think about this car? Big upside, it's in my neck of the woods and in my price range. It looks a little crusty but seems to have some of the good "bones" that some of you have told me to look for. Lemme know, maybe...
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    I'm building my first Baja Bug. Any input?

    Thats great advice and I really appreciate it. My budget is up to about 5k, but I'm open to buying a good starting point and putting more $ and time into it. My biggest problem right now is trying to find something up here ( San Francisco Bay area) to buy, I don't want to start blowing my...
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    I'm building my first Baja Bug. Any input?

    Got it and have been digesting it. please let me know if you know of anything for sale. Thanks!
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    They say, 70% of braking is Front Brakes, but?

    Doesn't reverse loading of a drive train only happen when the power delivery end (engine) loads the driveline (compression braking)? when you are on the brakes, you wouldn't be reverse loading the trans, drivetrain, etc like you would if you downshifted at high rpms. One of the other positive...
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    I'm building my first Baja Bug. Any input?

    Thanks goofball. I appreciate all of your input, I know there are a lot of years of experience on here! what about body styles? I understand there is a short axle and a long axle, also waht is the split year between link pin and ball joint beams?
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    I'm building my first Baja Bug. Any input?

    Looking to build a baja bug. I've built some other stuff (hotrod, vintage racing sedan, motorcycles, etc) and have a fairly well prepared shop. Hoping to get some advice and pitfalls to avoid when making a purchase. I'm looking to find something with some good parts that someone has lost...
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    Baja Bug "Psuedo-Runner"

    :cool:Awesome. Out of curiosity, what kind of shop equipment are you using? Ie: bender, saw, welders, etc. Keep up the great work! Any old pictures of past projects? You definitely give us garage fabbers inspiration (and set a high bar!) for our projects.
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    mini rock crawler for kid....

    SICK!!! That is definitely an original idea. Much easier to keep an eye on the kids when they're in LO range too! Nice work. Lets see some action shots.:D
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    TIG welder....

    I've got one and really like it. Only thing I'm not real happy about is the digital interface. it looks real cool but it's a pain to make adjustments to the balance, pulse, etc. What can I say, I like the old school knobs! It was a great investment in my opinion. I bought mine at airgas...
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    New style desert race, "King of the Hammers"

    It definitely sounds like a grueling and challenging race. I've done some crawling in the past when I lived in Summit County Colorado but I've never been on any of the Hammers. Would navigation play into race strategy or is it a strictly controlled route? Can't wait to see the buggies these...
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    VIDEO - Robby Passing in the Carpool Lane - VIDEO

    Make Way! Coming through! Just shows why he's a fan fave.
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    Hello my name is Gregg.

    Looking to get involved in off road racing this year with a good buddy of mine. If anyone has any sage advice for a rookie, let it rip! I'd also be stoked to find someone in the SF bay area already racing in the desert to trade some ideas and beers with. I'm in San Leandro. I also have a TIG...