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  • one more thing if it wasnt so why would f&l have removed their post, just as method has agreed to. as for rigid there was never any wrong doing their they were to sponsor us some lights and when we coudnt agree on a deal they got all of their lights back. hmmmm
    you really shouldnt post things you know nothing about. Kory Halopoff first of all does not even have a kid. Secondly, he took the Job with us to get away from california and to start over. if all you know about us or sean is what you read than you do not know much at all. the ironic part is the person that started this thread has now stiffed his engine builder, fab guy, plumbing guy, and wiring guy for the work that was done on that car that he is trying to sell. he has the nerve to claim what he did which is false by the way and he is actually worse than any of what has been posted about sean. if you were to call method you would find that that situation is handled and paid, if you were to call f&l the same thing, and anyone else that has posted on this site. not everything we read it reality!!
    Might catch you in Ojos on the way back. We will be over in Laguna Salada waiting for them to come down the summit. Gonna be hot. You're lucky. LOL
    I am crossing the border at about 2 on Thursday if you want to caravan with us.
    Hey do you have a link to the video from your Avatar? I cant find that and wanna show it to someone. Thanx
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